Poetry and Book Club: News

We have the bones of a programme for next year from our November meeting.

At this stage these are suggestions.

  • January : Poetry- “Time”
  • February: The Biblical book of Jonah
  • March: Lancashire Poets e.g. Williffe Cunliam (Cunliffe): One of the Lancashire Poets
  • April: “A Time of Gifts Patrick” Leigh Fermor
  • May: DH Lawrence; Poetry and short stories
  • June: “The light between two oceans” M L Stedman
  • July: “Poems from abroad”

Please consider the above carefully and come back to me with any improvements.

The discussion on books for next year was rather rushed, I am particularly not sure about the book for June; ask yourself if you would attend the meeting for that particular book/poet, if you wouldn’t, please come back with another idea.

In the November meeting our favourite books included:

  • “Jane Eyre” by C Bronte
  • “Death at La Fenice” by Donna Leon
  • “Going Solo” Roald Dahl
  • “The Power and the Glory” Graham Greene
  • “The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irvine Stone
  • “Here’s the Story” by Mary McAlease

Our usual great discussion, any of the above would be good for a future meeting.

We meet next by Zoom on the 16th December to discuss “Wildlife Poetry”

Love to all



Remember we welcome new members. If you are finding Winter and Covid hard and want to engage with new people then try us out. Go here, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will be in touch.

Poetry and Book Club: News

A reminder that for the meeting on the 25th November 1.30 – 3.00pm by Zoom we have a change to the programme: “My favourite book or author”.

Everyone is asked to to name their favourite book or author and be willing to say a bit about their choice. This topic replaces that previously advertised, “The Grapes of Wrath”. If your favourite is the Grapes of Wrath then we can discuss that too!

If you have not joined in Book Club before then send an email using the form at the bottom of this page. You will be made most welcome.

I hope that by the end of the meeting we will have a list of books to discuss in 2021.

I am looking forward to “seeing” you next week.


Poetry and Book Club: News

Six of the group met by Zoom to discuss the Poetry of Seamus Heaney with two members sending their apologies, one with a poem.

The poems read included:

  1. Postscript
  2. I.I.87
  3. Half term break
  4. Weighing in
  5. Clearances 3
  6. At the Wellhead
  7. The Early purges
  8. Blackberry picking

Though Zoom meetings are far from ideal, we had a very informative and enjoyable session and learned more about this magnificently gifted poet. My thanks to all.

This was the second time we have devoted a meeting solely to Seamus Heaney and I am sure it will not be the last.

Our next meeting is on the 25th November to discuss “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck.

As I write this I wish we had chosen something more cheerful, is it too late to change? Do let me know your thoughts.

During the November meeting we will spend the last few minutes arranging the programme for 2021.

Please send me any suggestions for Books and Poetry for consideration. We have seven sessions up to July.

With very best wishes,

P.S. If you do not have my email address then please click here scroll down and fill in the form.

Poetry and Book Club: News

On Wednesday 28th October our Poetry and Book Club will be taking a look at the poetry of Seamus Heaney.

The group will meet on Zoom at 1:30.

If you are a little nervous of using Zoom and would like some help, then Mike o’Callaghan is giving a tutorial on Tuesday 27th October at 7.30 with the aim of getting you to the point where you are confident you can get logged onto a Zoom meeting and able to say “Hello”.

You can find out more about the group and contact Mike by reading this.

Book Club: News

A rather reduced group met on Zoom this week to discuss the question “Who wrote the book of Genesis, when and why?”

The discussion evolved round these themes

  • The tension between our human desires and doing what is morally right.
  • Since man was thrown out of the Garden of Eden, he has been struggling to turn things round.
  • Man must not play God.
  • The season of Creation, man’s duty of care for the environment.

We did miss your company and discussed the Book club’s viability with only a few attendees. We decided that it was important to keep the Book Club going even though this must be by Zoom for the foreseeable future. We hope our numbers will increase.

Will you join us? If you are nervous about Zoom then Mike O’Callaghan will help. He is holding a tutorial on Tuesday 27th October at 7.30. His aim is to built your confidence so you too can say “Hello” on Zoom. Contact Mike using the form at the bottom of this page.

Book Club: News

Our Poetry and Book club is meeting on Zoom on Wednesday 23rd September to discuss Genesis Ch 1-3.

If you wish to join the Zoom Meeting then please get in contact with Mike O’Callaghan using the form at the bottom of this page.

Mike writes “I have just been for a lovely walk on this glorious morning; ‘God saw all he had made, and indeed it was very good.’  Sadly there continues to be a number of serpents about.”

Poetry and Book Club: News

Our Poetry and Book Club met on Zoom on Wednesday. This week they were sharing Poems on the theme of Summer. We have a selection of some of the poems members brought to the group. You can read them here.

If you want to become a member of the group then please use read about the group here and if you are interested then use the enquiry form at the bottom of that page.

Book Club: News

Six of us met by Zoom on Wednesday to discuss ” Falling Upwards” by Richard Rohr.

Were joined by a new member for a few minutes. Unfortunately we could see her but not hear her! We look forward to her meeting with us soon.

The basic message of Falling Upward is simple: We all come to a crisis in our lives; with God’s help we can work through this crisis and come to a space of spiritual refreshment, peace and compassion that you could not have imagined before.

Rohr references many examples from the Bible of this. We grow spiritually much more by doing it wrong than by doing it right.

The falling will happen to all, but the growth in the second half of life doesn’t necessarily happen. If you welcome it then you will hear a deeper voice of God than you have heard before.

Our criticisms were: Rohr takes a long time to give this simple message; are there two distinct phases in life? and his view that many in the Church are stuck in the first phase of life.

We agreed the following programme for the autumn term:

  • September, Genesis Ch 1-3.
  • October, The Poetry of Seamus Heaney.
  • November, The Grapes of Wrath ” John Steinbech.
  • December, Wildlife Poetry.

All above should be on the 4th Wednesday of the month. I will confirm dates and venue nearer the time; I have emailed the Xaverian centre asking what their position is on opening.

We meet next by Zoom on Wednesday 22nd July at 1.30 to discuss ” Summer Poems “

Poetry and Book Club

The next meeting of the Poetry and Book club is on Wednesday 27th May at 1.30 The group will be using Zoom.

The topic is “Women Poets” Some of the members have shared their selected poems so the group can read and think about them prior to the meeting. You can read some of the selected poems here.

If you are interested and want to get involved then please get in touch with Mike using the form which you can find here.

Poetry and Book Club: News

The next meeting of the Poetry and Book club is on Wednesday 27th May at 1.30 The group will try to use Zoom.

The topic is “Women Poets” If you are interested and want to get involved then please get in touch with Mike using the form which you can find here.

Zoom is easy once you have done it so if you are a little concerned about that then may I suggest you have a practice first.