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The Tabor centre was established in 2001 by the Carmelite Friars to provide a spirituality ministry in the north west of England. Formerly a working farm in the suburbs of Preston, the Carmelites engaged the architects, Michael Raynor and Mo Kelly, to design the conversion of ‘Shire Bank Farm’ into a sacred space that retained the rustic simplicity and character of the original buildings.

The centre served the Carmelites for 16 years. During that time a community developed taking part in a wide variety of activities and projects anchored in the Roman Catholic tradition whilst remaining inclusive, diverse and ecumenical in its outlook and outreach. This was reflected in the membership of the ministry team and in the variety of retreats and courses on offer. The challenge was to be of help to those in our society who were looking for ways to connect with the divine presence in their lives.

In May 2017 the Carmelites announced that due to a shortage of personnel Tabor had to close. They immediately sought a group who would buy the Centre to continue the Christian ministry. The Xaverians took up that challenge and reopened the centre at Easter 2018.

The new direction will be informed by the Xaverian mission. Tabor will be different but it will retain much of the goodwill, energy and activities from the Carmelite years. The new programme is being built and there will be new activities as well as some that will be familiar.

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