This page is intended to hold the forms, procedures and policies for the use of those who kindly volunteer on the reception desk at the Preston Centre.  Over time this content will change.

The main content is the template forms to be used.  These can be printed and then filled in by hand and filed in the physical folder kept on the reception desk.


Form Description
The latest “Whats on” poster can be found at the top of the Calendar Page Notice for the front door and to hand out to people with no Internet connection.
Wellbeing Spring 2019 Sessions Leaflet v1 Leaflet for the Capacitar series. Print on A4 double sided and fold into three.
Tuesday Mindfulness Practice Leaflet v1 Leaflet for Mindfulness.  Print A4 single sided and cut in half to make two A5 single sided leaflets.
Tuesday Mindfulness Practice Flier v1 Flier for Mindfulness.  Print A4 single sided and cut in half to make two A5 single sided leaflets.
Labyrinth flier v2 Leaflet for the Labyrinth. Print double sided A4 with flip on short edge. Cut into 2 A5 pages per A4 sheet printed.
Placeholder for additional leaflets
Placeholder for additional leaflets
Placeholder for additional leaflets


Form Usage
Fire Safety Briefing v3 Words to be read out by the Group leader before each event begins.
Group Leader to sign the Group Leader Agreement to confirm that they undertake to do this.
Group Leader Agreement The list of undertakings that Group Leaders must sign upto.
The Group Leader must sign as a record of their informed consent.  Signed forms to be retained on reception.
Event-booking-form-v4 Blank numbered form for people to book onto an event.
Volunteer Form Blank form for people to express their desire to help at the Preston Centre
Personal Details for Collaborators Blank form for recording the personal details of an individual who helps in any capacity at the Preston Centre. Includes emergency contacts and medical information. Completed forms contain personal details and are to be kept and processed in accordance with the Preston Center’s Data Handling Policy
Group Sign In Form Signing in sheet for groups.
Groups should not use the signing in book.  This should be kept for individuals.
Fire Alarm Check Record v1 Blank page for recording the Weekly Fire Alarm Test.  Completed forms to be retained as evidence that we are checking the alarm system.
Quick Tips for use of Reception Phone System Manufacturers Instruction sheet for the Reception Phone System
Xaverian Mission Guild form v1 Form to record enrollment in the Xaverian Mission Guild