Updates to the Calendar

We are working on building the programme of events.  It is a changing scene so keep your eyes on the calendar or better still subscribe and get the events fed directly to your own electronic calendar.

In the meantime you might like to know about these events.

16-June-2018 A Women’s Day : Touching the Hem of His Garment
Led by Rose McCrave and Florence Begley

6-July-2018 Summer in the Forest : A screening of a new documentary film about L’Arche and the work of Jean Vanier

7-July-2018 An Invitation To The Table Of The Trinity| We explore this profound invitation through Rublev’s exquisite 15thC Holy Trinity Icon.
Led by Donna Worthington & Fr Cosmito Bideri (s.x.)

29-Sept-2018  ‘’Zacchaeus – Come down from the tree!’ (Luke 19:1-10)| Christ’s call – an invitation, a revolution of the heart and a changed society…
Led by Donna Worthington

27-Oct-2018  The healing of Legion (Mark 5:1-20) | In our chaos, the calm and healing Christ sits down beside us.
Led by Donna Worthington

24-Nov-2018  Do not be afraid: Prayer and Facing Fears | As we face our fears, we follow Jesus’ call to be as ‘shrewd as serpents and gentle as doves’.
Led by Donna Worthington

15-Dec-2018  Advent Mystery | A Journey with Mary who gives birth to the Word.
Led by Donna Worthington

Group 49 comes to Preston

The May Bank Holiday found members of HCPT Group 49 in Preston at the new premises of the Xaverian Missionaries (Tabor).  We found ourselves in a beautiful centre – very peaceful and spiritual.  Let me explain our connection of HCPT 49 and Xaverian Missionaries.  Jim Clarke, Provincial of the Order, is also our Group Chaplin and so we were asked to come and see the new centre for a spiritual weekend.  How could we refuse??  The word Spirit had been mentioned.

Usually most people preparing for a weekend retreat bring prayer books, rosaries and such like.  In true 49 fashion we came armed with provisions for our retreat: Cocktail Shaker; mixers; and ice.  The place was about to be christened.  All joking aside on entering the little chapel, we were so overcome we had night prayer there and then which set the tone for our weekend.

Group 49 had a ball and met up with some well kent faces (Michael, Pauline and Tina) for some lunch and refreshments.  Always good to see you.

On Sunday morning the house burglar alarm raised the dead (us), poor John Rogerson had to be resuscitated having us confront him in our PJs and bad hairdos.  I think he can be found in a therapy house in Blackpool.  Angela – watch this space.

But seriously, what a lovely place.  Delighted to be part of it.  We look forward to many more good times in Preston and we wish all good things for the future of the centre and the Xaverians family and friends.  Looking forward to returning to Preston.  Honestly we will behave.

Group 49

Come and help us shape our future: Wed 6th June 10:00

The Xaverians are in a process of redefining our presences, programmes and services offered at both the Conforti Centre/Coatbridge and the Mission Spirituality Centre in Preston in line with our charism and the directives of our recent Regional Chapter.

We are inviting people who wish to be part of what we are hoping to shape to come to a meeting on Wednesday 6th June at 10am where we in Preston can perhaps articulate some of what we feel able to offer here.

There will also be a follow up discernment with the confreres from Coatbridge on 20th June in Preston.

Come and let’s see where the Spirit is leading us.

Signs of Change

Tabor is no longer a Carmelite Retreat House.   The signs outside say it is but it isn’t.  So, a couple of months ago I offered to make some temporary signs.  I spend a little time doing ceramics at Preston College and am often looking for a project.

The immediate issue was to change Carmelite to Xaverians so I decided to make some ceramic tiles to the following design.

Clay shrinks alarmingly when it dries and again when it is fired.  The first problem was to work out exactly how much bigger the tiles had to be when wet so that at the end they would shrink to the right size.

Clay can be fired to earthenware or stoneware.  Earthenware is prone to frost damage but the range of colours for decorating stoneware is dull and restricted.  I had to accept that the colourful logo would be less bright on the tiles.

Here are the undecorated tiles in preparation.  They are made in a white stoneware clay with a grey slip applied.  If I ever do this again I will be sure to do at least two coats of slip instead of one.

The next step was carving out the letter and shapes in the half dried (leather hard) clay after which they were fired to ‘biscuit’.

The tiles tend to curl because of stresses left in the clay from the rolling and drying.  Please believe me when I tell you that your bathroom tiles are a miracle of modern technology.


The underglazes then need to be applied.  This is a painstaking process of mixing and careful painting – a stray blob is almost impossible to redeem.  Once the underglaze is on a clear glaze can be applied over all the tiles.  This is best done with a spray gun.

Then the tiles are fired for the second time.  Firing takes at least two days.  Accidents can happen in firing.  Your pieces can literally explode or the glaze can run and weld your piece to the shelf only to be separated with hammer and chisel.  The shelf normally survives.

There is excitement and dismay waiting when the kiln is opened but these tiles survived if not quite in the intended colours and with a few unexplained mottled patches.

Finally they were stuck on.  In a day or so once the adhesive has cured I will grout them in a grey tile cement.

The signs are temporary until the Xaverians decide on permanent signage.

John Rogerson

Via Creativa

We have a new event on the programme.

Joseph Cooper is running three creative workshops based on his course at  Schumacher.

Each session is self-contained. No skills or previous experiences are required – just a willingness to take part.

This is about people (re)discovering and expressing the creativity that resides within them, making connections, finding what is most important to them and learning how to become more resilient through the creative arts.

The details of the sessions, including the booking form, are on the calendar but save these dates if you are interested 8th, 15th and 22nd of June.  Each session lasts 2 hours starting at 7pm.

One weekend – two retreats

These sunny days have brought out the best.  Today Donna Worthington led a well attended Saturday retreat on the theme “Water into Wine” and Jim has been leading a weekend retreat for members of Group 49.

Group 49 is part of the Hosana House Children’s Pilgrimage Trust (HCPT). This weekend some of the group came down from Coatbridge for an evaluation weekend .

The Xaverians have been involved, not just with HCPT but also working as Chaplains to a Special Needs school. The partnership promotes building community and reminding us that we are all sons and daughters of the same Father. The New Xaverian presence in Preston was a welcome space for reflection and prayer.

The sunshine may go but the warmth of our love for one another will stay.

Betty’s Books

Amongst the resources to be found at the Xaverian Mission Spirituality Centre is a small library.  The majority of the books are on the theme of Christian spirituality.  Those of you who are old Tabor hands may know them well.

The collection belonged to Betty Lynch who died in August 2014.  Betty was a regular, often daily, attender at Tabor and she is greatly missed.  The library was set up in honour of her memory.

The library is currently housed in the corridor adjacent to the conservatory.   It may move in the coming months so do ask at reception if you are unsure.

Please feel free to browse and if you would like to borrow a book then make a record in the notebook provided and sign them back in again on return.

We hope you enjoy sharing in Betty’s legacy to Tabor.

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