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Wellbeing Practices remind us that God is present to us, in every cell of our being. They enable prayer and our spiritual relationship with God by reminding us of the wholeness (and holiness) of our being, relaxing the body, and bringing us to a centred and meditative place which is prayerful in itself, or can enable us to pray more easily or readily.  Sometimes our minds can be crowded with many thoughts and concerns, and our bodies feel heavy with things we are carrying (mentally and emotionally).  In an atmosphere of spiritual attentiveness, the practices allow us to ask for and receive love and compassion for ourselves and others, and lead us to give and connect more easily with those around us and our environment.

Wellbeing Practices have been developed by Dr Pat Cane, founder of the organisation Capacitar (see for more information).  They are simple but effective practices for healing and self-care.  They cover gentle body and energy work, and mindful and meditative practices, adapted from different traditions across the globe.  The practices can transform stress and pain which can come from illness, bereavement, and trauma of various kinds including general stresses of modern life, and evoke the strength, wisdom and healing potential of our own bodies, which in turn can also be used to help others.

Some of the practices we cover will be:  Tai Chi and movement, meditation and visualisation, breathwork, Fingerholds, Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Head Holds, as well as simple circle dance movements.

Facilitator:  Anne Harrison is a RC laywoman, offering spiritual accompaniment and retreats, and offers Capacitar Wellness practices in her local area, and in ecumenical/pastoral centres in the north-east and York.  She also works as a therapist and incorporates energy work into her practice.  She finds these practices personally beneficial to her own prayer and general wellness.

You can  download a leaflet here to read or pass on.

Please contact Anne Harrison directly using the enquiry/booking form below as places are on a first-come-first-served basis..

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