Lecto Divina 2022-08-05

Here are the reflections for Luke 12 32-48


Parts of this passage made me feel apprehensive and concerned. Have I done enough to please God to enter his kingdom? Would I be confident to face my master? Would I be ready if I was visited and inspected by my heavenly master. The answer is I don’t honestly know and I suppose I won’t until I come to the actual end of my faith journey. Have I done well enough to pass my driving test? Have I done enough to pass my exams? All I can do is work hard and prepare for them. It is the same with my Christian life. With perseverance, trust and most importantly faith and love I hope and pray that I pass the inspection.


“Be ready for whatever comes”

When my children were very young and they had tipped their toy boxes all over the lounge floor I didn’t mind because I knew I had plenty of time to tidy them away before my husband came home from work, not that he would have minded at all but it is what I liked to do. I joined in playing with them and there was a knock at the door. It was an old school friend who lived abroad and I hadn’t seen her for 20 years. I was delighted to see her but immediately thinking I had no option but to ask her in. I was dreading her seeing the mess we were in and as we tiptoed our way through ‘tons’ of lego etc I was frantically picking toys up whilst apologising profusely and making all kinds of excuses for being in such a state. If only I had been prepared.

I don’t want to be caught in that state when The Lord comes knocking. I want to be as ready to greet Him as I can. I pray every day to be the person God wants me to be and to give me courage and grace to be able to put Him first in everything I do and to be ready whenever that time comes.

God bless everyone.


He has indeed given us the Kingdom! That is not just in the future. No matter what we are going through, joined to him, rejoicing and giving thanks, we can be living in there while our feet are securely on the clay of the earth.

Uncertain times for me at present, in one sense, but He gives me great joy and ensures me that He will bring things to a positive result. He is ever present in so many surprising little details. I need something doing, he shows the way, gives bright ideas which, sometimes by trial and error ,really work. They may be things I’ve taxed my brain over for a long time.

I need to keep my lamp lit, i.e. stay in prayer, but He constantly nudges me when I get distracted.

Reminding me of St Peter: “Unload all your worries on to him; he will look after you.” There is never need to fear of worry. Seeing who he is and what he wants to do for is, it must be hurtful. Thanksgiving for his great mercy!

Remembering you all in prayer. Thank you for being here.


“There is no need to be afraid, little flock, for it has pleased your Father to give you the kingdom“

I hear in these words Jesus encouraging me and the church I belong to. So often I dwell on how our Christian communities are dwindling, so I end up feeling discouraged even frightened.

The very first disciples were even fewer in number than we are, but they put their trust in Jesus and his words. I pray for the gift of hope and for the ability to be sensitive to the signs of Jesus being with me each day.


“he will wait on them…”

I am mindful of the scenes in Holy Week where we see Jesus reversing the roles of “servant hood” washing the disciples feet, all the preparations for the final meal they had together and today he says the master will come and wait on his servants which again tips the cultural norm upside down. This is challenging for me as I am more of a “giver” and “doer” rather than a receiver. I love to give but God wants to give me more.

To be able to receive is just as important as being able to give. When we love someone we want them to be and feel loved and when someone loves us they want to do the same.

It is God’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom. My task is to live a life “worthy of the calling I have received” and accept the gifts with a grateful, loving and open heart.

Love and blessings


…he/she will put on an apron sit them down at wait on them.

I can sometimes baulk at receiving because I like to be in control!

Slowly I am learning the joy of receiving and even to seeing the gift within loss and pain. 💐🙏


Today my words jumped out immediately ‘…there is no need to be afraid’.

This summer is being very complicated, exhausting, very hard at times… And yet I am seeing continuously the hand of God in action, surprising me in so many magnificent ways.

I am in awe, in praise and giving glory to my Creator, who never abandons me, who always places named angels beside me, to help me.

Where is my treasure?
Wherever my Lord is.

God bless you all.


Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Earlier this morning my son sent me a poem on the value of small kindnesses. It was a great opportunity to look over the last month in the UK at the warmth and friendliness of all the people I have met. Friends have gone out of their way to extend their hospitality, and strangers have greeted me with smiles and friendliness. I see God’s love all around me in the people and in this wild landscape. How rich my life is and how full my heart is.

I am very aware that many people are facing serious challenges, and may have lost their sense of hope. I ask the Lord how I can bring His love to those I know who are struggling. I bring them to Him in prayer and I trust that He will give me the sensitivity and compassion to do what I can to respond to their need.