Lectio Divina: 2022-07-29

The lectio for this Friday was Luke 12 13-21


My words today were:

‘ Give me a share of our inheritance’ & ‘ A person’s life is not made secure by what they own’

This Gospel touched me deeply. Right now I have a problem with my brother, who for the last five and a half years, since the dead of our dad, is trying to convince me to dump our mum in a care home, sell what she has, for him to have ‘his’ part. And he doesn’t bother even to call her. After all my parents did for both of us …It break my heart… my mum doesn’t deserve this.

I can’t understand my brother’s point of view; to me he behaves as if the world owns him something.

I believe people’s dignity demand a just salary for their work, by which means to cover for their needs. Where is the dignity in waiting to inherit? For not talking about how legitimate is to treat a loving mother in this awful manner. Material things can cover our needs and wishes, but are not giving true happiness. The only One that gives us real happiness is God.

Possessions don’t define who I am, the love of God for me does. Yes, I agree with this statement: ‘A person’s life is not made secure by what they own’; no riches can add a single second to my life. It is what we are, and not what we own, what matters.
Thus to love God is the only rich I need, the heritage of faith; He provides everything I need.

Thank you dear Lord for your generous care of me and my needs. Please help me to do the best I can for my mum, to honour her and to love her as much as I can.


These words of Jesus are so relevant in today’s society. We live in a world dominated by consumerism and material wealth. Do I need all that I have ? or does greed creep up on me without me noticing it. Jesus reminds me of the dangers of living in a world driven to acquire wealth, possessions and status.

Jesus poses a question, which we all have to answer, what spiritual riches have I gained in my life, what treasures have I stored in heaven?
Our good deeds are the only things that will outlive us.


Rich towards God”

The rich man with productive land is often remembered for pulling down barns and building greater.

But he was not condemned for that – Joseph did exactly that in Egypt, (Genesis 41), to make provision for the upcoming seven lean years of famine.

Joseph stored up grain wisely not for himself but that the whole country might be saved; this poor rich man stored up things for himself.

Yes, he was rich in material substance but poor in the currency of God, and when his life’s end was imminent he would realise that he couldn’t take it with him.

May we learn to be rich towards God – rich in love, the currency of Christ’s Kingdom.


“rich in the sight of God”

I am rich in the sight of God…….loved unconditionally, what MORE could I want.



Having just finished an 8 day silent retreat, I am feeling, peaceful, calm and so loved. God poured out His gifts in abundance through the beauty of the landscape, the flora and the fauna in the gardens, the nourishing food, the wild sunsets and the sense of His presence wherever I was. I am grateful.

The gifts I have been given are not for me alone, there is a hurting world that needs love. In the days ahead I will be with family and friends who are facing tremendous challenges and I pray that as I walk with them that they are touched by the love that has been freely given to me.


Watch out and guard yourselves from every kind of greed.”

We say things like ‘you can’t take it with you’ or ‘shrouds don’t have pockets,’ mostly being related to money and of course this is perfectly true but to me this Gospel passage is talking about anything that prevents us from being totally focused on God and that the only thing that matters is love of God and love of our neighbour. Greed has many forms, it isn’t just about tangible possessions. We can be greedy for attention or for swelling our ego or praise or pride or having something bigger and better than someone else. Greed in any shape or form is destructive and can only lead to separation from God. My prayer is that I will always try to depress my greed and focus on what is important – my love of God and my love of neighbour.

God bless you all