Lectio Divina: 2022-07-02

Here are some of the Group’s reflections on Luke 10 1-12


Take no…

At present I am getting ready for a trip in a few days time. I look at my suitcase and think of how I am preparing for every eventuality. (Even though I am just crossing a county boundary!) There have been times when a smallish backpack would have sufficed but I’ve slipped away somewhat from the simplicity of yesteryear. “Live simply that others may simply live” is an adage I long to adhere to. Even when not on overt missionary journeys, the value of “KISS” is deeply Christian and evangelistic in itself. However, simplicity goes deeper than externals, no? If I keep adjusting my spirit of poverty maybe I’ll keep things in balance.


Rejoice that your names are written in heaven.

Yes, I believe my name is written in heaven . Thanks be to the great mercy of my awesome God! However, I know we have a long journey ahead together yet where there will be yet more battles to be fought, mountains to climb, gorges to cross and maybe the odd waterfall to send me crashing into the fearsome rivers below. But my name is written in heaven. The victory has been won for me. So, ” I’ll keep my hand in the hand of the One who calmed to waters.” I’ll pray to go forward always in Peace and with god -given Patience endeavouring to live in the Divine Will, with God’s own help.


What an awesome responsibility and privilege the Lord has given us to carry the message of God’s love and mercy to the world. Today I reflected on the need to pray each day to be given wisdom, courage and strength to share the Good News in a world , which often feels so distant from God.

I was reminded today of St Theresa of Avila in the gospel passage when she wrote
Christ has no body but ours, no hands, no feet or eyes but ours to show compassion to the world.

Like the 72 disciples who set we will face challenges, obstacles, dangers and rejection.
But they succeeded because the power of God is working in them. They return with joy in their hearts.

The message entrusted to the disciples is one of peace and the nearness of the Kingdom of God. This message has been entrusted to the church for centuries.

Now it’s my turn to witness.

The end of the passage fills me with hope. Our names are written in heaven because we are God’s beloved sons and daughters, our names will never be erased or crossed out.

Wishing you all God’s richest blessings this Friday.


The Kingdom of God is very near:
And from the first reading ‘comfort‘.

I had been reflecting how very comfortable I am with some people and how this mirrored just how ‘comfortable’ God is with me and me with God…

The Kingdom of God is indeed very near.


Next week I retire and the following week I shall be traveling for two or three months. I have been trying to anticipate what I will need and my imaginary suit case is filling up very quickly. News of strikes and chaos at airports makes me wonder if it is worth going.

Jesus tells the 72 to take nothing. Trust infinite God and not finite self. Can I trust him to be there there with me no matter what happens? Of course I can he has shown over and over again He is there and is looking out for me. I just have to do my part and stop trying to control everything.

Reading this passage has helped me to get everything in perspective and I am beginning to feel the excitement of being with my favourite travel companion. We are going to have a wonderful adventure together. I can relax in the back seat and let Him be the driver.