Lectio Divina 2022-06-17

The Feast of The Body and Blood of Christ, Year C.

Luke 9:11-17  They all ate as much as they wanted.


All of Jesus’s miracles are amazing but, for me, this is the most miraculous. If I had been one of the disciples I would have thought Jesus’ request was completely mad. Why sit them all down? However by the end of the day I would be astonished. How and why did it happen? Jesus showed great compassion for the crowd. At what point did he make his decision to perform the miracle. So many questions! In the end I have faith enough to believe it happened and just marvel at the majesty and power of Our Lord.


Jesus uses me to be His love and compassion in this world in spite of my weaknesses and failings. In this miracle, Jesus does not produce food out of nowhere. He takes the little that the disciples have and multiplies it so that everyone has enough to eat. No matter how little I think I have to give Jesus he will use me to further His kingdom. I must step out in faith and let Him use the gifts I have to bring glory to His name.


Like many other Gospels this is about the mighty works of God through His Son Jesus. It reminds me of the story of the mustard seed and how such great things happen through such a small thing. Jesus didn’t need the loaves and fishes but I think he uses them to show us that no matter how little we offer He will make it tenfold, a hundredfold and more. 

I think about my prayer life and how long it takes because I have to mention everyone by name and everything that troubles me or my family or friends. I gabble on unnecessarily, unnecessarily being the operative word. Jesus knows what I want and need. All I need to say is “Jesus I love you, please help me.” Done!

God bless you all.


“They did it.”

Suppose they hadn’t done it. Suppose they were too tired to be bothered; suppose they had said amongst themselves: “What? Has he gone crazy?” But, they did it. Thank God, they did it! 

How important to do what he tells us! It may be through a strong feeling in our heart- but then after a while, we think: “Nah! That’s not going to work”, so maybe we don’t follow through. It might be a gentle prompting that we decide is from our imagination so we ignore it instead of exploring it with him. Often, most of the time, it’s about persevering with the duties of the day, one step at a time.

How much may I not have accomplished for/with him if I had been more obedient!

Thank you, Jesus for the reparations you made for us; that with our repentance you make all things new.

God bless us all abundantly, speak to our hearts and through our day and give us the strength and courage to keep moving in his Divine Will.


Jesus is showing us that God’s abundant love is without limit.  

I remember spending hours gazing at my first child. My heart was so full, I couldn’t imagine that there could be enough love for another child. But of course there was. God’s love was pouring out through me, and my heart was like a vessel that kept expanding as it filled with love.

Nothing has changed.  The vessel will still expand if I let it.



I’m always struck by the way Jesus fed body and soul – not either/or, but both.

We are flesh-and-blood creatures and need physical food, but we do not live by bread alone; we also need spiritual food, every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Especially the Word.

The incarnate Word spoke to them of the Kingdom, and healed those who needed it.

Teaching, hospitality, healing – these are what he offered, and still does.

And made in God’s image, we can do some of it ourselves.



As I was pondering and praying with this text I began to see how much Jesus provided from so little.

The disciples must have been tired having returned home from their first preaching tour and although Jesus tried to take them away to somewhere quiet the crowds followed them and so it goes on…

How often do we feel exhausted? We feel we can’t do anymore and just want to rest. The disciples brought the problem to Jesus maybe expecting him to sort it out but instead he says  “You give them something to eat.”  I imagine that didn’t make them feel much better but still they brought to him all that they had. Jesus performed the well known miracle – feeding  5,000 men plus all the women and children.

So often I feel I have so little to bring to Jesus but no matter how small my offering may be he will use it in ways I could never imagine. 

There were 12 baskets left one for each of them (maybe the theologians will have other ideas). Jesus not only made sure the crowds were fed but his disciples had a basket full too. In the same way God will take care of me. I can only bring what I have, surrender everything to God, trusting that everything will be ok. God has plans!


Dear friends,

My words today were: ‘ (Jesus) handed them (food) to His disciples to distribute among the crowd

I found today’s Gospel very challenging.

Jesus, His Disciples and the crowd, are in a lonely place. Aren’t we all at one point or another of our lives in a such place? We may long for food, refuge, a place to belong… where we go to satisfy this hunger?

The Gospel shows the Generous Abundance of God’s provision for those who follow Him in faith; in it Jesus satisfies the physical hunger of His people.

Which kind of hungers do I feel? Hunger for justice, for peace, for love, for true appreciation, for security?

Where should I go to satisfy my hungers? Honestly, all always ends in God, the only one I trust, the only one that loves me no matter what. The only one that gives me true peace. The only one that fully and perfectly gives me Life.

How does God satisfy these hungers? Through His Word, as for example here in Lectio; through the Eucharist; through other Sacraments; through those He puts in my way, angels with names, who mirror in their kindness the mercy and love of our common Father.

Nevertheless, the Gospel also said ‘… (Jesus) handed them (the loaves and fishes ie. food) to His disciples to distribute among the crowd’. Therefore, the role of the disciples is not one of being mere spectators in front of the miracle, but an active one, co-participating in the satisfying of the people’s hunger.

How can I share in this task? What do I need to accomplish this task?

Can I finish with the physical hunger in the world? I wish. No, neither I think Jesus asks this of me, but I can do my bit, contributing in what I can, here and now: food bank donations, contributions… Jesus did not produce food for all Galilee, just for those there at that moment.

However, not everybody suffers from the same hunger, not everybody has material needs. At times is just a question of Being Present, fully attentive, listening, just being with that person that today needs somebody.

Please, Lord Jesus, send me your Holy Spirit to make me more aware in each moment of the responsibility I have, as your follower, to feed the hungers of others, in my family and outside. To inspire me in practical ways that really help and support those in need I meet in my way each day.

In Jesus’ name I pray.