Lectio Divina 2022-06-10

Our Lectio Divina for this Friday considered the reading for the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity Sunday Year C.

John 16:12-15 Everything the Father has is mine: all the Spirit tells you will be taken from what is mine.


They that wait upon you shall renew their strength, says Isaiah. May I learn how to wait upon you.


“…when the Spirit of Truth comes
he will lead you to the complete truth.”

I read these words with great longing, almost to tears.
Lord open my heart, enlarge my heart to accept the complete truth about you, your relationship with me and with the whole of your creation.
I know the Holy Spirit has been sent and is always coming. We need him so much in an ongoing way as we can only receive gradually.

I believe and expect that “soon” God will manifest himself in a special way to all peoples everywhere at the same time. Many Christians expect the same, including the messianic Jews. In the Catholic world we expect what has become known as “The Warning” or the “Manifestation of Conscience”, prophesied many times. The signs of the times point to it probably happening “very soon”.
Everyone will have the grace offered them to accept.

I pray that all Christians will accept the grace no matter the cost, also all people especially my own extended family.

O Holy Father, do not delay, except in your Divine Patience. Send us this great gift of your mercy; send us fully the Holy Spirit to accept completely salvation in Jesus Christ, your Son. Prepare our hearts.

Your Kingdom come! Your will be done!


The word that jumped out for me today was “truth”

We read the news and hear lots of conflicting words, opinions and theories – what is the “truth? Do we really know?

In the secular world it is almost impossible to believe we are hearing and seeing the truth. Separate voices, different stories.

Jesus says that when the Spirit of truth comes it will guide us into all the truth – God’s truth. There are no questions or doubts around this truth. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not separate voices telling us different things – they are One.

In the midst of all the chaos in life the most important thing for me is remain rooted and grounded always listening for and to God’s voice. To discern what the spirit is saying and to live out God’s truth. The only truth.

Love and blessings


Holy Spirit

Dear Lord, sometimes I find it so difficult to understand you when I see so much suffering everywhere. Help me to remember that the peace you give is not the peace that the world gives. Grounded in your love I know that fear does not have tyranny over us. Help me to see with your eyes and hear with your ears as I go about my day so that others may be drawn to the transforming power of your love.

I pray especially for those close to me who are facing crushing loss today and ask that they may feel the presence of your Holy Spirit ministering to their broken hearts.



“I still have many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now”. [Dare I use that line in a sermon?]

As we grow in the depths of understanding our faith, we discover truths that we simply couldn’t take in earlier, partly as a result of incomplete truths, sometimes even untruths, propagated by well-meaning parents, teachers, society, and even the church – I mean that in the broadest sense, not any one sect or denomination.

Things that previously we simply couldn’t accommodate in our hearts and minds, that now the Holy Spirit was, and still is, going to reveal to us.

The truth – the way things actually are, the reality of life. The Way, the Truth, and the Life – embodied in Jesus the Christ.

And without mentioning the Trinity in its modern form, Jesus brings together the Father, himself and the Holy Spirit, in what has been described as a kind of circle dance, where each reveals and glorifies the others.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit are now all invisible to our eyes, but accessible to our spirits and prayers, however we envisage them.

And we have that exciting promise that there’s more to come, even what we cannot bear now.




Dear friends,

My words today were ‘too much for you now’

I have to admit that the last phrase of today’s Gospel is an enigma for me. Though I also realised that that is exactly the question about the Mystery of the Holy Trinity. While I recognise with the mind that it is something of visceral importance; I am not able to grasp it.

Thus the words that grab me today came one more time, ‘too much for you now’. Indeed it is.

I was brought then to revisit my past, especially these last years, since I started doing Lectio, and I can see small steps forward, God has been revealing Himself, through His Words, smoothly, little by little, like a soft melody, like a gentle breeze… and isn’t it in a gentle breeze where Elijah recognised the presence of God?

I hope He will still continue doing so. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly true, that are many things beyond my comprehension.

In these moments I follow Our Lady’s example, I keep them in my heart, pondering them the best I can, with God’s Grace.

Although my mind can not understand well, it is also telling me that I don’t need an irrefutable lab proof to know the Holy Trinity exits. Can we see physically the love in between a mother and her child? Yet we know that love exists by the signs of it.

In the same way I know the Holy Trinity exists, and it is in the great love the three Persons have for each other that I/we exist.

Thanks, Praise and Glory to you my God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for all the graces received, all the love and mercy received, for never abandoned me.

May the Triune God bless you all!