Lectio Divina: 2022-05-27


I made You known to them, and I will continue to do so

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch.  As always before eating she prayed, and reflecting this morning on her simple prayer she was acknowledging Who He is, who we are and our need for Him. She invited Him to join us and guide our conversation knowing that He was already there. 

Jesus kept His promise when He said He would continue to make God known to us. He was in us and we were in Him. Our conversation strengthened our bond with Him, to each other and to the whole world. We left the restaurant feeling nourished in body and soul.


“I have given them the glory you gave to me that they may be one…”

Wow! and Wow!

This last week I happen to have been pondering the meaning of “glory”. There is the glory we give to God but then there is the glory that is intrinsically his which the Father gives the Son and he, if we believe this passage, gives to us.

Previously we have seen that He gave his LOVE, that He gave his PEACE. Both of these seem to sum up the totality of who he is, his very essence. Now another aspect is added, as it seems to me, to emphasise the total gift: HIS GLORY!! Wow! 

This is indeed his very PRESENCE. This is THE LIGHT  of GOD. It is manifested in many holy people even today on earth, those who are totally his, who are filled with his presence. That is, when God chooses to reveal it.

However, in the words that struck me there seems to be an indictment. We are given this glory SO THAT we may be ONE!

To be brief, it seems to me that our unity as Christians is concerned with being united in Peace and Love and God’s Presence in our hearts. First and foremost this concerns being thus with our Christian sisters and brothers. The witness we give will be in God’s Glory being manifested among us rather than us all believing the exact same details or of ” practising” in the exact same way, even within a denomination; even, may I say it, within the same Catholic church. The witness is that we are united in love and peace and worship inspite of differences.

Personally, I like to find groups where I can truly worship freely the true God of Jesus, even while knowing my understanding of him may differ from others present. Come to think of it, if we are honest, might this not be the case, at least sometimes, at our Catholic Masses or denominational Sunday worship?

Christ’s kingdom is among us and will very soon be manifested throughout the world. I pray to be part of the army of worshipping warriors who will be his servants in ushering in the fullness of His Kingdom.

Lord, your Kingdom come! Your will be done! Strengthen us in our weakness! Please, please, let us be ONE in your love, peace and glorious presence as you lead us all into your greater Truth.

Joining you all in prayer, for a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit on ourselves and our world in such great need. Special prayer for those of you, your families and friends who are in special need at this time.


Dear friends,

My words today are:  ‘ONE‘; ‘that they all be one‘, ‘one in us‘, …   ‘love‘  &  ‘so that I may be in them

I was very surprised by the word One; what really means to be One?

Does it means that we have to think identically? No, I don’t think so.

I remember the First Council of the Church in Jerusalem, where all thinking the same? No way, and yet, they were able to, despite their differences, walking together as One, isn’t it?

How many Catholic people do I know? Do all think the same? No, and yet, we consider to have the same Faith. We are One.

This is an Ecumenical group; we have different backgrounds, we have sometimes differences, and yet we look to what unites us, instead to what divides us. Therefore I think, yes, we are One.

So what that means, to be One? For me, it is to follow Jesus; to believe that there is One God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; to work for the Kingdom of God to reach every soul in this world,… yes, we are One.

But Jesus says to be One as the Father and Him are One; to love each other as the Father and Jesus loves each other. …’so that I may be in them‘; in order to be God One in us.

And there is the challenge my friends, are we up to it? In my case, I need a lot of help.

Please, Holy Spirit, help me to love every single person as the Father and Jesus love each other. Help this world to realise that the only way to true happiness comes only when God is One in us.

In Jesus’ name I pray.



“that they may become completely one”

In fact we are already one, but much of the time do not realise it, thinking of ourselves as separate beings. And in one sense, physically, we are.

Certainly our physical senses observe that we are physically apart, and we need to keep reminding ourselves that we are a part of one body.

Not apart – a part! And therefore belonging to one another as a member of the family of God.

Oddly (to me) we use words such as “we are one body because we eat of the one bread”, where as I see it, we eat of the one bread to remind ourselves that we are already one body.

The one-ness is already there,  hidden in plain sight; the bread reminds us by feeding us from the source of our being.