Lectio Divina 2022-04-29

Our Lectio Divina group considered the reading for the Third Sunday in Easter Year C.

John 21:1-19, shorter John 21: 1-14 Jesus stepped forward, took the bread and gave it to them, and the same with the fish.


In modern times it sounds like Jesus was organising a surprise early morning brunch. I wonder how many fish they eat? It seems so informal and relaxed. What was the purpose of the encounter? The disciples would be dumbfounded and in a state of shock and confusion. It is an exciting story and just shows that whatever happens in our faith journey we should never be surprised with the twists and turns that we encounter. I should be more open minded and welcome the ups and downs I experience with Our Lord. One day we might too be invited to a lovely surprise meal with Our Saviour.


When the disciples went fishing and caught nothing all night they would have felt despair, not least because fishing was their livelihood. They needed to catch fish to make money to feed themselves and their families. They had probably had several nights without catching fish and wondering what they could do about it when Jesus arrived and gave them more than they needed. Jesus does this in my life too. When I am perhaps concerned about how things are going or how I will cope with one thing or another, Jesus sorts it all out. Many miracles are worked in my life, our lives every day and I praise God for them.

God bless you all. Peace be with you and your families.


Jesus met the disciples at the water’s edge, Jesus meets me too each morning at the water’s edge of my ordinary life. Jesus accepts me lovingly, He encourages me, He invites me to enjoy the abundance life has to offer. Each day I am nourished by the food of His word, my heart is warmed by the fire of His unfailing love and so in turn He wants me to nourish others I meet in my daily life. Jesus wants me in ways I may not yet know to heal and love those I meet today.


“Come and have breakfast”

This morning a gentle Jesus is inviting me to come, sit and eat with him – something that he has prepared. The disciples must have experienced an emotional roller coaster living through the events of Easter. Their “normal” lives had been turned upside down and they were adrift without their teacher and friend. When we don’t know what to do we often go back to doing the thing we know best and for Simon Peter that was fishing. He was keeping himself busy.

It is easy to fill time and space with “busyness” and forget to just “be”- by ourselves or with others in the presence of Jesus

Jesus is encouraging me to slow down, stop and spend some time with him. To sit on the beach gathered around the fire eating fish and bread that he has prepared and is offering to me and to us all.

Love and blessings


He reveals Himself

The story reveals to me that a life with Christ can turn from:

despair – hope
sorrow – joy
scarcity – abundance
hunger – nourishment
unaware – surprise
separation – fellowship
emptiness – fulfilment
indifference – love
doubt – certainty

He revealed Himself to the disciples and He is still revealing Himself to us today.

Alleluia, He is risen indeed.



Do you hear Acker Bilk playing “Stranger on the Shore?” [Or does that date me?]

Relevant because – dramatic irony – we know it was Jesus, but initially they didn’t.

“Cast your nets on the right side” – obviously a landlubber because in the days before rudders, that was the side with the steering oar [originally the star-board] and fishermen would never normally do that, because the net would tangle with the oar.

But perhaps this man sounded authoritative, or perhaps they felt they’d tried everything else, so… nothing to lose.

We don’t know the significance of the 153 – perhaps included because for those in the know it was exceptional. And all large. But Jesus says to bring some of the small ones…?

“Come and have breakfast”. Jesus still invites us to real shared meals as well as the symbolic ritual ones. So much of his teaching was around food, both material and spiritual.

And then he invited Peter to continue the work of feeding his sheep.

That’s still our task as Christians.



I was amazed with today’s Gospel, how clear appeared everything, why didn’t happened it before? Perhaps I wasn’t ready to listen.

I was not called today by a word or phrase, but by the process of events and their meaning for me; it looks as a repeated script God uses continuously in His approaching mankind.

  1. First the Initiative comes always from God. The disciples are not searching for the Risen Jesus, who already appeared to them twice; it is Jesus who searches for them. And searches, passionately, for each one of the world’s people.
  2. The disciples can’t recognise Jesus, and this is the third time He appears to them. Do I recognise You Lord, in my daily live? Do I see You in each one I meet? I wish I can say Yes. Sorry Lord, help me to see You in each face I see.
  3. God always provides in abundance for our needs, always preceding, and working for us; and mainly we/ definitively I am not aware of it until much later. This is abundance of undeserved Grace, undeserved everything You, Lord, provides for me every day. Thank You Lord.
  4. Prerequisite before commission. ‘Do you love me?’ Do you put me before everything? Again, I wish I can say Yes. But you know Lord, I am weak, help me to do the Father’s Will, help me to love You more and more every day.
  5. Consequence, an invitation, ‘Follow me’ And I can just say, Thank You Lord for calling me, I will follow if You lead me.