Lectio Divina: 2022-04-08

We are on the threshold of Holy Week.

Our Lectio Divina for this Friday focussed on the scripture for Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord Year C.

This is a Sunday in which we have two Gospels:

  • the first describes the Entrance into Jerusalem: Luke 19:28-40 ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord’
  • the second the Passion of the Lord: Luke 22:14- 23:56 or shorter Luke 23:1-49

As normal we each decided which reading the Holy Spirit led us to.

On the entrance to Jerusalem: Luke 19:28-40


Today my attention was drawn to the words “whole multitude of disciples” At the beginning there were 12 and now at the end of Jesus’ earthly life there is a whole multitude. His life, teachings and ministry had drawn multitudes of disciples to joyfully sing praises with one voice.

Today they are singing praises and yet in a very short space of time the same voices will be shouting “crucify” We see this often in society, highlighted by the media – a politicians, celebrities, sports people – the world sings their praises until something happens and the praise turns to finger pointing, criticism, scorn and blame. The person ” falls from grace”

Where am I in these scenarios?

Do I go with the crowd or stay grounded in my faith? Do I stand by the one that I say I love or do I too shout out the words “crucify”?

I may not intentionally shout out loud but each time I turn away from God, not listening to his words, not doing his will, not being loving and compassionate I am in the crowd that is shouting “crucify”

With love and blessings as we journey together through Holy Week 😘🙏


“Untie it … The Lord has need of it.”

Lord, you have need of me – not a young colt, but an aged ass. Untie me, please. It is time. Free me to be of real service to you.

Send to me whomsoever of your disciples you appoint to help in this. Give me the right disposition to receive help and grant me the grace to live steadfastly in the Kingdom of your Divine Will.

Love and blessings to all for the coming week.



“kept spreading”

I am not usually visual but had a sudden picture of the crowds rushing behind the colt, collecting the cloaks and running forward to re-lay them. A moving carpet in both senses of the word.

They would get dusty but not wet! [unless the colt did what comes naturally]

No idea if this is significant but it leapt out at me.



Among many phrases, the first was:

“The Master has need of it.”

Jesus has need of a colt.
Jesus has need of me.
He needs all of us.

On the Passion of the Lord: Luke 22:14- 23:56


Luke 23 v46. He breathed his last = It made me aware that Our Saviour really did come down from heaven. He was fully human and he felt the pain and anguish as he was dying. We will share in that human experience when we ourselves take our final breath. It sounds terrible until you realise that the experience we will all go through will open up the wonder of heaven. Even if we try to use our imagination of what awaits us it will still fall short of the wonder and beauty of paradise.


I find it hard to think of Jesus in such pain. Jesus is innocent, he “has done nothing wrong“. Yet by his Cross he has redeemed the world. God brings goodness out of the suffering of his precious son. In the passage salvation begins its work right there and then: the second criminal recognises Jesus as a just and innocent man and humbly asks his help. He hears the promise of eternal joy from the words Jesus speaks. I too can turn to Jesus and hear the same words today.


I have given a lot of thought in trying to understand how Jesus was able to walk through so much suffering, and reading the lectio passages this week has opened my eyes to the humanity of Jesus. I think a part of me couldn’t accept that He went through the pain of the crucifixion as a human being. The fact that He was also fully divine has clouded my thinking of what He really suffered.

Jesus felt sadness, fear and pain, as we all do, but because He was so grounded in God’s love it didn’t have tyranny over His mind and heart. He was spared nothing but He didn’t waver in doing God’s will. God didn’t prevent the crucifixion from taking place, but He walked with Jesus every step of the way, suffering with Him and that gave Jesus the courage to see His mission through to the end.

This new awareness has deepened my understanding of God’s compassion for us, and gives new meaning to the words ‘come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest,’ and ‘you have eyes but cannot see.’ We are all addicted to the habits of the mind and heart that cause suffering’ (Jim Finley) but when we truly accept that God is loving us into being at every moment, then we can release the fear that holds so much power over us, and live in the peace that only He can give.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


As I read through the passage I was caught up for the first time the excitement of the disciples ‘they began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice’. They knew this was their promised King, he was fulfilling prophecy and they just couldn’t help their excitement in declaring who he is and after everything they had seen all the amazing miracles.

I pray that I too can be this excited about my amazing King Jesus, Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords!

God bless you all this Easter


Dear friends,

This is a tough Gospel, one I never felt comfortable with. Today I sat with it and wrote everything that popped up. I don’t feel happy in the scene, it is very disturbing. Thus, I need to take with me the phrases I wrote and went to my garden.

There we were, Jesus and me, in dialogue. Jesus said ‘my blood…poured out for you’. In tears I thanked you Lord for your daily sacrifice for me.

You questioned me, ‘Who is greater: the one at the table or the one who serves?’ ‘Don’t you see?’, you said, ‘Here am I among you as one who serves!’ ‘Remember that.’ I do Lord, I try to do.

Then, You know me well Lord, I am weak. So, you advise me twice, ‘Pray not to be put to the test’. And You are right in the prayer, and in how hard is sometimes the test. Thank you for being always by me, even in the hardest tests, giving me support and strength.

Nevertheless You give me the answer as well in those moments, pray to the Father, as You did, ‘Your Will be done, not mine.’

I am not good at forgiving, and yet, it is exactly what you ask of me, pray for those who hurt you saying, as You did, ‘Father, forgive them.’

You ended inviting me to follow You, as well, in trusting totally the Father, ‘Father into Your hands I commit my spirit.’

Dear Father, You sent your only Son to save me, thank you for your great Mercy and Love, I put myself into your hands, Your Will be done.