Lectio Divina: 2021-09-03

Our Lectio Divina for this Friday corresponds to the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B .

Mk 7: 31-37 He makes the deaf hear and the dumb speak.


Jesus’ power is endless in healing and performing miracles of all kinds. Here we have a miracle performed on a man who is deaf and can’t speak because of his deafness. Jesus is showing us here that sometimes we need to be cured of one thing to heal another. We might not always know the reason for what prevents us from being whole but Jesus does. I need to put all my trust in Jesus and allow Him to heal what is stopping me from being the person He wants me to be. I am praying for the courage and the strength to let go and to let Jesus do His work in my life.

God bless you all and keep you safe


I try to imagine how difficult it must be for anyone who has hearing loss. Not able to hear conversations, music, the birds – to be completely cut off. Maybe the man had a speech impediment because he was unable to hear the spoken word. He was brought to Jesus and Jesus took him to one side knowing what he was going to do for him. Maybe because he understood that suddenly being able to hear again would have been overwhelming in the noise of the crowd. Jesus again treated the man with love and compassion in an personal, intimate way, one to one in the same way he responds to each of us. By his actions he showed the man what he was going to do. Did he look to heaven to show where the healing was coming from?

In biblical times saliva was thought to have healing properties but in today’s climate it would be deemed unacceptable!

Jesus uses the word “Ephphatha” – be opened – not be healed. Are my ears opened? Do I hear and respond to God’s voice? I pray that when my ears are closed then Jesus will open them so that I can clearly hear God’s voice. I will hear all that is going on around me and be able to respond and speak his truth clearly.

Love and blessings


V 33= taking him aside from the multitudes privately. Jesus invites us to do the same. When I quiet my mind and spend time with him I find it easier to listen to him.When I wait for a doctors appointment and I finally sit down I listen very carefully to what he/she says . I should do the same with Our Lord. But do I follow his advice? How blessed we are that we can make an appointment with him 24/7. He his the world’s greatest doctor.I am going now because I have an appointment with my saviour.


In a homily I listened to by Richard Rohr, he points out that the real point of every healing story is that people are changed after they encounter Jesus. He goes on to say that most people don’t change, they carry on justifying their behaviour and blaming others, and the real miracle is the transformation that can occur when we are in the the presence of Jesus.

From my experience when Jesus raises my awareness it is only the beginning of the work that needs to be done to bring about change. Maybe I am deaf to some messages because I don’t like what the messenger is saying. But if I can step back and and look deeper at why I am closing my ears to what the person is saying then it could be an opportunity to change. That person may be my greatest teacher and if I can set aside whatever emotion I am experiencing then it could be the beginning of real growth.


Dear friends,
My words today were: ‘ligament (of his tongue)’ ‘Be opened’

I was imagining this person that was not able to speak, and could not hear, how difficult times must had past through.

Once, long time ago, I had a viral infection that reached my eyes, and I was told I could lose my sight in 36 hours on a weekend. I was able to find the medicine to treat it at the end, but it was really expensive, I didn’t have so much money with me and they chemist was closing. However the charity of a pharmacist rescued me. He trusted me, when I promised I will bring the money when they reopened. My eyes were saved at the end. But during that weekend I thought very seriously about what would have happen if I lost my sight. My life, as it was at that moment, would had ended. I would had been not able to work, to drive, to go to an infinite of places I used to go… I was so grateful to God when I was cured, and grateful to this angel the Lord put in my way and was generous in trusting me.

This sick person in the Gospel wouldn’t have had access to none of our modern social helps and supports. He would had been ostracised in his society.

I thought of how many people are ostracised in our society.

I remember when my eldest daughter, when she was in primary was treated as a leper when she suffered a very severe case of eczema.

How many people are, as Pope Francis said, in the fringes of our society, those that are not accepted by their discapacity, or by the colour of their skin, or by their accent when speaking, or… because they are just different.

So many times the ligaments are not in the sick person but on those that hearing don’t want to listen, or able to speak, don’t want to give voice to others in need.

I questioned myself, Where in my life I need to ‘be opened’? Do I notice when others may need help?

Do I listen when others speak? Do I help them to open up and unburden themselves?
So many people had been in isolation during covid, and were so lonely, when nearly everything was shuttered. And when the regulations eased, we were all so happy to be able to just go shopping for bread. Shouldn’t we be more grateful to God and to His other Creations? Shouldn’t we be more loving and love as our God love us?

Please, Lord, open my ear, for I can hear the cry of the poor. Untied my ‘ligaments’ so I can give voice to those that can’t speak.

I ended with these words ‘He has done all things well’, which remind me of these others ‘God saw all He had made, and indeed was very good’ cf. Gen 1:31

Blessed be the Lord, our Creator. May the Lord bless all of us, so we can love all His creatures as He does.


In Lectio we say that there is no right or wrong. Therefore, when someone thinks they made a mistake by taking one Gospel reading instead of another, we believe that it is perhaps the Holy Spirit leading the person to that passage. Perhaps that person needed to reflect on the words of the other Gospel.


on Luke 6: 31- 37

Do Good

How generously have I responded in the last few days to the things that have were asked of me?

Are there people in my life that I find difficult to love?

Can I ask God for grace to love them ?

As always Lectio throws up questions to challenge the way I live my life.

Dearest Jesus,
Teach me to be generous with my time and money.
Teach me to love those I find hard to love.
Teach me to never look for personal rewards and let me do everything to bring glory to your name.
Teach me at the beginning of each day to do your will.