Lectio Divina: 2021-06-04

Lectio Divina for this Friday took the reading for the Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.

Mk 14:12-16, 22-26 This is my Body. This is my Blood.

Note: The Roman Catholic Church celebrates this Sunday the Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ Jesus, previously called Corpus Christi. Other Christian Churches keep this Sunday as a Day of Thanksgiving for the Institution of the Holy Communion.


“… when the Passover lamb was to be sacrificed.”

I became very aware that Jesus is now the Passover Lamb. The next day he would be slaughtered with more cruelty than any animal ever suffered. He would resent no tearing /deep piercing of his flesh, no denial of any human right, no being scorned and repudiated while he looked on his persecutors with only love in his eyes. His desires, in prolonged agony, pouring out his blood, surrendering his human body, were only to make sufficient reparation in love for all of us, to have each one receive the love and forgiveness being offered.

Today I might drink of that blood, eat of that body. In doing so I say my: “YES!”

” Yes, Jesus, I accept and offer back to you the reparation you have made for me and for people of all time. I love you. Thank you for your tremendous, limitless love. Let me truly live in New Life in you , in the Divine Will!”


What struck me this morning was the phrase , go to the city and a man carrying a jar or pitcher will meet you , follow him.

I just made me think about how Jesus always walks the path before us. He had everything planned all the disciples had to do was follow. Obedient following , trusting , leaning , rolling all our cares on him. Always easier said than done but today it has reminded me that no matter what I think or feel , Jesus has gone before me into my day. I am calm when I think of this and as I allow myself to relax I feel his peace pouring into my soul. Thank you Jesus that together I can keep going , and growing in strength and faith.

God bless you all


It strikes me today that this reading forms the pattern for my life.

Ask Jesus. He gives very detailed instructions to his disciples.

Respond in faith. The Holy Spirit always drives me out of myself.

Follow the water, the life, Jesus.

Prepare in faith.

Take Jesus’ body.

Drink from the cup.

Give thanks and sing.



Men did not carry water – that was women’s work – so this was a fail-safe identification.

Had Jesus organised this in advance? We cannot know, of course. But the room was provided, ready, furnished. Somehow, somewhere, somebody knew what was required.

None of the rough northern Galilean disciples of course – this was Jerusalem – they wouldn’t have the right contacts, much less access to such property.

Perhaps the householder was the same highly-placed man who was “known to the High Priest” and who later got Peter into the early stages of the trial.

Maybe “It’s OK – he’s with me” would suffice on that occasion, where if Peter himself had spoken, his northern accent would have given him away.

Mark tells us that Jesus dispatched two disciples; Luke identifies them as Peter and John.

Both Mark and Luke describe the guest-room as a “kataluma”, the same word that is traditionally translated as “inn” in Luke’s birth narrative. I think that guest-room is much more likely in both cases!

Jesus arrived in and departed from a borrowed room. He was never part of the property-owning bourgeoisie and “had no place to lay his head “other than what was loaned him for the night.

What leaps out at me is that Peter and John “found everything as he had told them”.

How often do we, having “known” about things perhaps for many years, realise that everything is as Jesus has already told us?

In the words of the hymn-writer Frederick Faber, “If our love were but more simple, we should take him at his word”.

v7 of Souls of men, why will ye scatter?

So the ongoing lesson for me is to “take him at his word”.



When we come to Jesus we never come away empty handed. Wherever we are; alone or in a group, he knows our individual needs and offers sustenance. Take this he said to his disciples and he is saying the same to us each time we turn to him. Strengthened, we must ask what can we do for you?

All I have needed Thy hand hath provided
Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.


The words that pop out for me today were: ‘This is my body….This is my blood, blood of the covenant’.

I visualised myself in the Cenacolo, the Upper Room, sat at the table with our Lord, one of His disciples, during His Last Supper. When the Lord says these words, I feel they are directed to me in first person.

‘This is my body… You are my Body.’

Inside me this is an invitation to form part of His community of believers, to accept the discipleship He offers me, and is also an invitation to unity in Him, with the Father, through His Holy Spirit.

‘This is my blood, the blood of the covenant.’

I am in tears, I understand Your blood Lord sealed this new Covenant, the new relation with the Father; You are Lord the sacrificial victim here, the One that gives His life for the world, so we can have Life. It is a sacrifice of the most pure and unselfish LOVE, all for love of us.
Thank you Lord!

Then I remember that in John’s doesn’t appear the institution of the Eucharist, but the lavatory, and there for me appears an equal. Eucharist = Service. Jesus said ‘Do as I do to you’ (Jn 13:15), which for me means today that by remembering Jesus and His sacrifice in the Eucharist, ‘Do this in memory of me’ (Lk 22:19), we commit to live like Jesus Christ, at service to others.

Today I gave thanks to the Lord for the Gift of the Eucharist. And, in an Ecumenical group like ours, it is a blessing we can share this Gift together.

Eucharist (from the Greek εὐχαριστία, or eucharistia), means thanksgiving or giving thanks. Let’s thanks to the Lord, let’s share ourselves with one another in memory of Him.

I love this hymn, I hope others may love it too.


This is my body, broken for you,
bringing you wholeness, making you free,
take it and eat it, and when you do,
do it in love for me.

This is my blood poured out for you,
bringing forgiveness, making you free.
Take it and drink it, and when you do,
do it in love for me.

Back to my Father soon shall I go.
Do not forget me; then you will see
I am still with you, and you will know
you’re very close to me.

Filled with my Spirit, how you will grow!
You are my branches; I am the tree.
If you are faithful, others will know
you are alive in me.

Love one another – I have loved you,
and I have shown you how to be free;
serve one another, and when you do,
do it in love for me.


In this passage, we have confirmation that we have no need to worry about anything. Jesus has it covered. Whatever happens to us either now or in the future, wherever our lives take us, we know that Jesus has gone before us guiding our way and will never leave us to cope alone.

God bless everyone. Stay safe and well.