Speakers Corner: Lord Adonis – ‘Healing the Nation’

23rd February 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Xaverian Mission Spirituality Centre
169 Sharoe Green Lane
Mary Cullen
07846 493933

Lord Andrew Adonis, Labour Peer will be speaking about Healing the Nation and giving his up to date insight on Brexit and the way it may move forward.

He is on a whistle stop tour of UK and we have invited him to speak to us at short notice.

We hope you can join us but if not maybe let others know about it.  Please circulate this amongst your friends and family who may not be on the mailing list.

Lord Andrew Adonis, Labour Peer and pro Remainer, is touring the UK to give his insight into the current Brexit situation. He is passionate that we need to work at ‘Healing the Nation’ and he is optimistic that the notion of a second referendum may soon become a reality, as a means of breaking the current deadlock in Westminster.

He is calling local people to take action by supporting Preston for Europe or other local groups.

Andrew is co-author, with Will Hutton, of the book “Saving Britain”, which examines how areas suffering neglect and poverty in England and Wales voted strongly in 2016 for the UK to leave the EU, but makes the case that Brexit will not improve the quality of life for such communities.  A new approach is required for the healing of our national divisions, and politicians and indeed each of us have a responsibility to be part of that healing process.

This is a ‘Pop Up’ Speakers Corner event.