Capacitar Session

Anne Harrison held another of her excellent Capacitar sessions on Friday 7th December.  These events really do seem to help people in all sorts of ways.

Anne gave attendees the opportunity to write a few words or a phrase of feedback.

“Energising, Safe, Healing, Challenging.”
“Healing.  Proof that this can come from within.”
“Holding Enfolding Caring.”
“Getting in touch with feelings.”
“Grace unfolded.”
“What a beautiful morning again.  Privilege, Affirmation, Blessing.”
“Perfect healing morning.”
“I will walk on clouds for the rest of the day.”
“A beautiful well balanced morning.”
“I’m leaving deeply nourished, at peace and healed.”

Taken together along with the many expressions of thanks, these words give a sense of these excellent sessions.  If you think you might benefit then why not come along on the 18th January 2019. 

It would help us to manage numbers if you could make a booking by completing the form at the bottom of the event page in the calendar.  You can do that by clicking here.

7:30pm 10th December “Love Needs to be Organised” – A talk by John Battle

On Monday we have an evening discussion with John Battle MP.  You may know John from his articles which have often been featured in The Tablet.

John Battle, a former MP, is a member of Leeds Citizens and the Chair of the Leeds Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission is coming to speak on the theme “Love Needs to be Organised”.

The talk will be introduced by Bishop Paul Swarbrick and followed by a group discussion and questions.

The title of the talk is taken from a line in Pope Benedict’s First Encyclical “Deus Caritas Est”. John believes that we need to do things, to change things for the better and that requires that we get organised. Referencing the relationship between prayer and action. He will draw analogies from the ruins of Kirkstall, a Cistercian Abbey near Leeds and Armley Remand Prison following Thomas Merton’s theme of the relationship between contemplation and action.

This will be a good evening.  Click here for more details.

Reflection for 2nd Sunday of Advent 9th December

Time in the wilderness

Time in the wilderness, it seems, is the norm for God’s people. After the Israelites left Egypt they went to the wilderness. It was their preparation for the promised land. After Jesus was baptised he went to the wilderness. It was his preparation for his public ministry. And in today’s gospel “the word of God came to John, son of Zechariah in the desert.” The word of God and the wilderness always go together. That was true for John the Baptist and it is true for us. Name any wilderness of your life and there will be a corresponding word of God.

  • In the wilderness of exile the word of God speaks of coming home.
  • In the wilderness of broken relationships the word of God speaks reconciliation.
  • In the wilderness of self-doubt the word of God speaks of your being beloved.
  • In the wilderness of scarcity the word of God speaks generosity and abundance.
  • In the wilderness of sin and guilt the word of God speaks mercy and forgiveness.
  • In the wilderness of loss and sorrow the word of God speaks healing and joy.
  • In the wilderness of emptiness and barrenness the word of God speaks fullness and fruitfulness.
  • In the wilderness of death the word of God speaks resurrection.

There’s something about the wilderness. It’s the place where our lives can be transformed, the place we are most open to changing and being changed. Hidden within every wilderness is the beauty of divine presence. Every year at this time the season of Advent invites us to listen to the word of God in our wilderness, to experience the divine presence that sustains us in and carries us through the wilderness. It is not the final word but the first word, the creative word, the word that calls us to examine our lives, to turn around, to change our way of being, to see the world, one another, and ourselves in a new way. This is the repentance (change of heart) to which John the Baptist calls us. Ultimately, it is the call to love and be loved.

Michael Marsh

Our thanks, as always, to Cathy York.

Speakers Corner: Bishop Paul Swarbrick

On Friday 30th November 2018 Bishop Paul was the guest speaker at the first Speakers Corner Event at ‘Tabor’ – The Xaverian Centre for Mission and Spirituality.

Speakers Corner is a new event designed to create an informal space where speakers can be themselves and share something of their spiritual journey.

With over 80 in the audience, Bishop Paul shared his story in a very humble and open way.  It was a moving insight into what has shaped him as a person and brought him to this point.  People were inspired by his thoughts and many spoke of their sense of hope for the future of the Diocese with Bishop Paul as leader.

Here are two images from the event.

You can see more here.



Speakers Corner:- Bishop Paul Swarbrick


This is the first of our Speakers Corner events. We are delighted to invite you to an informal audience with Bishop Paul Swarbrick, who will share the story of his journey so far. Entry free but donations welcome.

7pm Fri 30th November 2018

Order free tickets by clicking here.

OR ring Reception 01772 717122

OR contact Mary & Chris Cullen

Mob:- 07846 493933 or click here to email them.

Here is a link to the poster if you wish to help publicise the event

Continuing our Journey into John’s Gospel

Advance notice of a two day course on John’s Gospel led by Donna Worthington.

Day 1:  Monday 1st April 2019  10-4pm:  Why was Jesus put to death? We will explore the religious, political, theological background of the Passion Narratives.

Day 2:  Monday 8th April 2019  10-4pm: At the foot of the cross with John – We will explore The Beloved Disciple’s way of ‘seeing’ that liberates.

Cost £20 x 2 = £40

Bookings open now.  See the calendar for details on how to book.