Calendar Update: Women Together

Lynne Moore and Kathy Slater are holding a series of Women’s wellbeing sessions over the next few months under the title “Women Together”.

Lynne says “Let us create together a tranquil environment in which to laugh, experience deep connection, care, share and explore a range of nourishing practices.
We will have the time to respond to our bodies, to our inner selves, to each other and to recognise the resourceful, spiritual women that we are.”

You are warmly invited to these sessions at the Xaverian Centre. They run from 11.30am until 1.30pm in the conference room on the following Fridays

  • 21st February
  • 13th March
  • 3rd April
  • 24th April
  • 29th May
  • 26th June

A suggested donation of £5.00 will go directly to the Xaverian Centre

The facilitators are Lynne Moore and Kathy Slater, both are experienced in counselling, Hakomi, Yoga, Mindfulness practice and are both currently partaking in the Capacitar training.


Any queries please contact Lynne using the form on this page.

Oh what a Night!

Rabbie Burns walks into a bar and the Barman says “Am not serving you, you’re Bard!” (That’s poor!!)

Last Saturday, February 1st, more than 90 people came to the Xaverian Centre for the Annual Burns Supper. This was the first time we had hosted it here at our new place and it was a great success.

The tradition of Burns’ Supper go way back and it was an attempt to keep the songs, poems and writings of Scotland’s National Bard, alive, relevant and vivid.

As Xaverians in the UK, we have used this opportunity to generate funds but, more importantly, to have a little bit of a cultural night where we could bring people together and share laughter, friendship, joy and love.

The format of the evening is steeped in tradition. And we tried to adhere to it, if only loosely!

We began with the welcome, the Selkirk Grace and then proceeded to enjoy the first course of ‘Cock a Leekie’ soup with Scottish bread.

Next the Haggis was piped in by our two pipers, Justin Halpin, who never got a note wrong and Fr. Willie Hattie, who never got a note right! We all then recited “Address to the Haggis” before toasting the haggis with a wee dram of whisky – and as the knife stabbed the Haggis, so our rendition of Burns murdered his works!

Next up was the Fayre itself! Haggis, with whisky sauce, neeps, tatties, roasted stirk (square sausage) and then followed by Tipsy Laird and shortbread. The food was excellent and our thanks go to Alex and Kathy Possamai who worked tirelessly all day in its preparation. Thanks also to the servers, our volunteers who ensured the food arrived piping hot and on time to the tables, under the watchful eye of Tina McGrath, our maître d’.

The speeches then followed the usual pattern of “The Immortal Memory, the Toast tae the Lassies and The Lassies’ Reply.” And thanks to our speakers…but we will be looking for volunteers for next year!

The bar, staffed by the Belles from the Sun Hotel, ensured all present were well watered and then the “sangs and clatter” was led by two of the members of Celtic Fringe. All seemed to enjoy the evening which ended with a rendition of Auld Lang Syne, after which some went home, and some didn’t!

So you may ask, “Why celebrate the life of a notorious womanizer, a constant critic of the Church, a father of 13, mainly illegitimate children, and a mason?”

Well, there is no denying the man was a genius who could see the big picture. He had a love for justice, a hatred for hypocrisy, a dream for a better world and voice for the equality and dignity of all humanity.

His poem/song “For a’ that and a’ that” should not only be Scotland’s National Anthem but the Anthem of all Nations. Universal brother/sisterhood is how we ought to live and what we ought to promote with our lives. And its final verse is indeed reason alone to raise a glass and raise our hopes.

Then let us pray that come it may, 
As come it will for a' that,)
That Sense and Worth, o'er a' the earth,
Shall bear the gree, an' a' that.
For a' that, an' a' that,
It's coming yet for a' that,
That Man to Man, the world o'er,
Shall brothers be for a' that.

Mind and Body for your Wellbeing

We are delighted to be holding our next ‘Mind and Body for your Wellbeing’ event. We hope you will come and enjoy the space that this event provides…….

Our aim is to provide some time and space where you can relax, refresh and renew a sense of balance in yourself.

Would you feel the benefit of some time to unwind or to destress?Are you in a stressful work situation or in some aspect of your life? Or would you simply value some down time, just for you, in the midst of your busy life? Maybe this event is for you!!

The morning will include gentle yoga, breathing work, tai chi and mindful meditation to help restore a sense of balance within you.

Date And Time:- Sunday 2nd February 2020 09:00 – 13.00
Location:- ‘Tabor’ Xaverian Mission and Spirituality Centre,169 Sharoe Green Lane, Fulwood, PR2 8HE
Event Leaders:- Geoff Lofthouse and Helen Molyneux
Organisers:- Mary and Chris Cullen 07846 493933

Tickets:- £20 Tickets can be ordered by calling Mary Cullen

Book club news

On Wednesday 22nd January, eight of us met to read the poetry of Benjamin Zephania.

We found he has a fertile imagination and is interested in everything; he doesn’t let protocol or tradition get in his way.

He uses poetry to fight against a variety of injustices. He has a great sense of humour and a love of nature.

We next meet on the 19th February to discuss; ” The Shepherd’s Life- A tale of the Lake District.” by James Reebanks.

This is being serialised on Radio 4 extra this week , if you have the BBC sounds app you can get it on catch up. I am sure no-one in the group will cheat and avoid reading the book!

Book Club: Benjamin Zephaniah

Eat Your Words by Benjamin Zephaniah

I am a veggie table
A table made of veg,
There’s so much fruit upon me
All living on the edge,
Life is hard
But so are plates
And tea can be quite hot,
And vegetarian poets
Make me nervous quite a lot.

At our meeting on Wednesday 22nd January we will discuss the Poetry of Benjamin Zephaniah.
Mike o’Callaghan says “From my reading so far, this should be entertaining and interesting.”

So, if your New Year’s resolutions permit, why not come along and discuss poetry? It could be both fun and thought provoking.