Tabor Reception

Reception will open from 10am to 4pm each weekday starting on Tuesday 8th May.  The rota is a little thin at the moment and there is some work to be done to establish the reception processes but we are getting there.

Reception is a vital part of the running of the Xaverian Mission Spirituality Centre at Tabor.  If you can offer to help then please contact Patricia Murphy.

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The Xaverians’ XIII Regional Chapter

During the week of the 23-27 of April, the Xaverians in the UK met at the Coatbridge Centre for their XIII Regional Chapter. The Xaverians hold their Chapter every four years with the purpose of:

  • Promoting fidelity to the spirit of the Congregation.
  • Examining the state of the Region and, if necessary, update its statutes.
  • Studying and applying the norms of the XVII General Chapter.
  • Electing the Regional direction.
  • Programming the activities of the Region.

With the presence of Fr. Javier Peguero from the General Direction in Rome we spent the time in prayer, in discussion, in study and in deciding.

The new Regional Council is comprised of Jim Clarke (the Regional Superior). John Convery (the Vice Regional Superior) and the 3 Councillors Paddy Duffy, Ian Bathgate and Bideri Niagasaza.

The spirit of the Chapter was very positive and serene and we focussed on priorities for the next 4 years.

We committed ourselves to our three presences of St, Bartholomew’s Parish, Glasgow, the Conforti Mission Spirituality Centre, Coatbridge and the Xaverian Mission Spirituality Centre, Preston.

We also committed ourselves to the following orientations for this mandate:

  • Community and Regional Project of Life.
  • Structures and Personnel.
  • Mission Spirituality.
  • Mission on the margins.
  • Lay Participation and formation.
  • Social Media.

Within each of these topics we set ourselves targets and guidelines, which will be published later.

Please keep our efforts in your prayers and join us in this 4 year plan as we try to contextualise Conforti’s dream to “make the world a single family” in the UK.

Jim Clarke

Announcing a series of retreats on the theme of “The Spirituality of Unconditional Love”

There is a new event on the calendar, a series of Saturday Retreats on the theme of “The Spirituality of Unconditional Love”

This is something NEW in the City of Preston. Every newness produces excitement. Do you want to explore how life, unconditional love and God are the same reality and be healed of negative emotions? So, “come and see”.

St. Guido Maria Conforti, the Founder of the Xaverian Missionaries, wanted us to possess “a spirit of living faith which enables us to see God, seek God, love God in all things and intensify our desire to spread his kingdom (of unconditional love) everywhere.”

The retreat series is about promoting a life lived from the HEART, a living faith in Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit to live more united with one self, with ALL people (especially those we push away), with nature and with God using a method called C.C.A.I. (Conversion, Connection, Acceptance and Integration).

The series has two levels and every level runs for four Saturdays of theory retreat-courses and two Saturdays of actions.

The dates for the first level are: May 12th and 19th; June 2nd, 9th, 23rd and 30th.

Suggested offering is £20 per day.

The course begins at 10:30am with coffee from 10:00 and finishes at 4pm.

Please bring a packed lunch. Booking is not essential.

50 sit down to celebrate a Holy Week reflection

Fifty friends of Tabor and the Xaverians sat down together to enjoy a Holy Week reflection on Wednesday night as one of the first events at Tabor since the Xaverians purchased the site in late 2017.  The event was a mixture of quiet reflection, good humour, singing and exploration of the way in which the Jewish traditions of the Passover have influenced Catholic tradition.

The music was excellent, and once we had had the first practice run through the hymns and psalms we imagined we were in tune.  Volume and a big smile helps…

These events are not without a lot of effort on the part of those who prepare and serve the food, clean up afterwards, provide music and the format for the event.

Thank you.