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You all know how it is necessary to take a break from time to time?

Well, that time has come for me. I am going off, with my camping gear on a 600 mile cycling adventure.

It is not clear how long the ride will take but it is clear that it will be awkward to update the website using a mobile from the very tiny tent.

Back soon….

Calendar Update: Change of date for Retreat date change

Donna Worthington’s retreat on the The Healing Of The Blind Man will now be on the 18th July rather than the 25th July as previously advertised.

I try to remember to post a News Item when we have changes to the calendar but remember that if you want to know what is on at the Centre then please subscribe to the calendar. You can do that by going to the calendar page on the website and clicking the Subscribe button on the bottom right of the calendar that looks like this.

Website content & updates

From time to time it is good to have a break from the normal routine and go away and do something else. It is that time for me. I am going on a little bike ride to see some of England, sleep in a tiny tent and probably get quite wet.

Whilst I am going to take my phone, I am going to be constrained by limited phone battery. Hopefully there will be chance to charge it in cafes and so forth, The little capacity that I have will be spent on navigation, searches for the next campsite and photographs. For that reason I suspect I will not be able to maintain the normal level of postings of news and new events.

I have no idea when I will get back but it will be before the end of June.

Have your say: Feedback on website is one today

Today, 23rd Mar 19, is the 1st anniversary of the launch of this website. It was originally intended as the site for the Xaverians in the UK. Since then we have seen a few changes not least of which that the Xaverians in the UK have created a new site and the site has become focused on serving the Preston community.

Any anniversary is a good opportunity to stop and reflect. Can you help us with this by completing this short on-line questionnaire? This is a chance to say what you like and do not like, put forward ideas and ask questions. Please click here to have your say.  We really would appreciate your input.

Wi-Fi update

We have been doing a little work on the Wi-Fi in the Preston Centre. You should now be able to pick up a reasonable service in most of the public rooms of the Centre with the exception of the Healing Ministries.

The network you should join is Xaverian Guest.

If you have any issues with the service it would be good to hear from you so that we can investigate. The best way to report an issue is by filling in the enquiry form which can be found at the bottom of the Enquiries page.

Calendar errors

Our website uses a free piece of code from a company called to manage and display our calendar. The site presents views of the calendar in many places.

On 20th December we realised that the calendar functions had all gone sadly wrong! They may have been wrong for days and perhaps you had noticed and were too kind to say. Next time please let us know. Anyway, all the events were there but displayed in a most bizarre fashion.

We worked on the problem, went round the houses a few times, kicked the problem over the garden wall etc. and if you look now you can see it has all come good. Hurrah!

Perhaps Fr Christmas has made us an early present of a new calendar? If so, thanks Fr Christmas!