Rosary at the Monastery

There is a Rosary Service on the 1st Tuesday of each month at the Carmelite Monastery on St Vincents Road. The next service is on Tuesday 3rd March at 14:20

We pray particularly for all expectant mothers and each month there is a guest speaker who gives a talk on Our Lady or The Rosary.  This month we are happy to welcome Fr. Pawel Szatlewski.

The service lasts about 40 minutes.

Everyone is invited.

The Global Silent Minute: 9pm 21st December 2019

Pause for One Minute for One Humanity

We are invited to join the Global Silent Minute at 9pm on 21st December 2019

Amidst the challenges we face today, the Global Silent Minute is an opportunity to unite in thought, prayer, and meditation to create the future we imagine. The minute begins with the ringing of bells everywhere, as together we enter into one silent minute, calling on humanity to fulfill its highest potential and greatest destiny: peace on Earth.

The Global Silent Minute is inspired by the Silent Minute launched in WWII in London during the blitz as a call to citizens to unite daily in a silent minute for peace and freedom. Millions participated, and its success was acknowledged after the war as a “secret weapon” which the Germans could not counter. Today, our Global Silent Minute will be a powerful force in the creation of a better world for all.

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Will you join us?

Retreat: Towards a Spirituality of Dementia

Rose McCrave, one of our valued team of collaborators, will be part of a team leading a retreat at St Beuno’s entitled “Towards a Spirituality of Dementia” (31st Jan – 2nd Feb 2020)

The other leaders are Dr John Hindle and Dr Catherine Hindle.

Dementia is a common condition with consequences for the individual, their family, friends and society. It also raises profound spiritual questions about what it means to be a ‘person’, God and faith. The weekend will provide a mix of input sessions, prayer and opportunities for mutual exploration, discussion and sharing of experiences. This is not a silent or individually guided weekend, but there will be time for silence, reflection and rest.

New calendar event

Do you wonder what all the fuss is about Climate Change? Does it matter? Is it somebody else’s problem?

Some countries are more exposed than others to the effects of Climate Change. Come and listen to a salutary talk about the Future of Food at the St Wilfrid’s Parish Centre on the 30th September 2019 at 7pm.

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The Surprise of the Gospel

News just in of a joint venture between Lancaster, Liverpool and Salford Diocese supported by Bishop Paul. Fr Hugh Pollock from Kendal is one of the speakers. It is on the feast day of St Peter and Paul on 29th June. See poster for details.