The Care of Creation – A talk by Fr Xavier Jeyaraj SJ

An update on this event. Fr Xavier is going to speak at St Wilfrid’s Parish Centre in the afternoon and at the Xaverian Mission in the evening. He will present us with an interesting question “Is Leadership too important to be left to Leaders?”

For the afternoon session click here

For the evening session click here which gives details on how to book. Booking advisable as we are limited to an audience of 80.

Capacitar sessions – An update

These monthly sessions are proving very popular, so popular that we need to make sure that participants book. Previously bookings were taken on reception but we need to change that. In future all bookings need to be made directly with Anne Harrison, the facilitator. You can book on any of the upcoming courses by filling in the enquiry/booking form by clicking here. Anne will allocate places on a First Come First Served basis so if you are interested then now is the time. If you book and find you are unable to come then please let Anne know so the place can be freed for another person.

Note: when you fill the form in you are asked for a date. Please do not be alarmed if you see the letter ‘S’ after the day of the month. It is an error we are trying to correct. Just pretend you didn’t see it. 🙂

A Journey with Mary and Joseph

Not all the events held at our Centre are public. Here is an account of one of those private group events.

On Saturday, December 1st. Women Together in the Diocese of Lancaster organised an Advent day of Prayer in the Xaverian Mission Spirituality Centre (formerly Tabor) Preston. It was led by Father Nyagasaza Bideri who runs the Centre. From the start, although it was a grey, wet and dreary looking day, we received a very warm, hospitable welcome from him. We felt immediately that he had been looking forward to our coming there and had been preparing for the day with care and enthusiasm. He told us that it was to be a day of joy!

The greatest reality in our lives is our relationship with God. So, first, to help us allow God to heal our hearts from all that hinders His love embracing us, Father Bideri led us in an unusual reflection on the elder brother of the prodigal son and his troubled relationship with the father. In an interactive session, together we identified all the troubling elements that the elder son refused to let go of in himself. In naming these we could let go of all the same elements we recognised in ourselves. So we were ready then to open up to the love of God at work in the lives of Mary and Joseph before the birth of Jesus, tracing their spiritual journey through scripture and art.

We celebrated Mass together at midday and after lunch shared a very joyful session with carols and seasonal hymns illustrated on the computer as we enjoyed singing along. A half hour of silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament then followed and we drew the day to a close with song and prayer and blessing, grateful to Father Bideri for this lovely introduction to the Advent Season.

Women Together has a long history in the Diocese of Lancaster since it was first established by Bishop Brewer to give women a voice and opportunities to deepen and develop their faith and encourage the service that flows from that. So on the same day the organising committee took the opportunity for a “grass roots” consultation with all who came. In the spirit of Pope Francis we know that we need to listen and learn from women themselves what kind of topics and days they want to share. We asked permission to use their contact details for future publicity as we will see what suggestions were made and what can then be planned ahead.

Philomena Grimley SHCJ

This article first appeared in the Diocesan VOICE and is reproduced here with the kind permission of the author.

Wi-Fi update

We have been doing a little work on the Wi-Fi in the Preston Centre. You should now be able to pick up a reasonable service in most of the public rooms of the Centre with the exception of the Healing Ministries.

The network you should join is Xaverian Guest.

If you have any issues with the service it would be good to hear from you so that we can investigate. The best way to report an issue is by filling in the enquiry form which can be found at the bottom of the Enquiries page.

Addition to the 2019 calendar: Zen Buddhist Practice Group

As we get into the year the calendar starts to fill. The latest update is from the Zen Buddhist Practice group who are planning sessions through to the end of the year.

Buddha in Garden

The Group normally meets every first and third Tuesday evening 7.30pm – 9.30pm. On the 7th May 2019 they are on retreat.  Do ask if you want to join in.

The Preston group is called Nothing Extra.  Nothing Missing is their big sister group in Lancaster.  Follow this link to Nothing Missing to read about their practice form, their guiding teacher and more.

All are welcome. They look forward to sharing time and space with whoever wishes to join them.

The Care of Creation – A talk by Fr Xavier Jeyaraj SJ

On Tuesday the 26th February Fr Xavier Jeyaraj SJ is coming to give an evening talk at the Centre. His theme is The Care of Creation. We will get an event poster to you soon – it is still in preparation – but we want to let you know about this as soon as possible so you will not get yourselves double booked.

This is going to be a well attended event and we may need to control numbers. We will post arrangements for booking as soon as we have them. In the meantime Save the Date.

For more details click here.

Capacitar sessions for Spring 2019

The next Capacitar session is on Friday 18th January. These have been really well received by past attendees so if you are looking for something new in 2019 then why not give Capacitar a try?

There is a session each month. You can find more information and the dates here.

Go on – give it a try.

Heads Up! A new entry on the calendar.

Rose and Greg McCrave are running a 6 week Lenten Retreat based on Ignatian Spirituality. The sessions will be on Tuesdays 07:30pm until 09:00pm

Cost: £5 per session.

All are welcome to attend any of the sessions individually however, attendance at the 6 weekly Tuesdays, offers a complete Lent retreat on Ignatian Spirituality. We will be covering the following topics:

March 12th : Week 1: Lectio Divina
March 19th:  Week 2: Imaginative Contemplation
March 26th:  Week 3: Examen (Review of Prayer)
April 2nd:       Week 4: Finding God in All Things
April 9th:        Week 5: Discernment
April 16th:      Week 6: Holy Week/Our Lord’s Passion

Please contact reception or fill in the enquiry form to register your interest for any/all of the retreat.