Lectio Divina: News

Today was a Lectio Live day and so some of us were able to meet in the Centre whilst those unable to travel, took part from home.

We focussed on the readings for the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C.

Luke 9:51-62 Jesus resolutely took the road for Jerusalem… I will follow you wherever you go.

Read what group members have shared with us here.

Today’s Lectio Live has been really good. It has been great to meet again in the old Tabor. One person linked it with this Gospel, noting that Tabor was the place where the Samaritans wanted to worship God. The same is true for us, although as was also pointed out, God always works in immensely better ways, opening another door for us, when one is closed.

There was discussion of Jesus’ immediate need to go to Jerusalem, the need to follow a straight path, without being distracted by other things, likewise we must also focus on the goal, we need to take one step at a time.

We prayed for all of you, especially for those who are sick or with sick loved ones. We prayed for the Xaverians; for those who suffer in any way, or anywhere beset by the devastating effects of war.

Happily, this is not our last Lectio Live; our next will be the 26th August. Please add the date to your diary. Do come and join us. All are welcome.