Lectio Divina: News

We had a smaller group today as some of our normal participants were on holiday. Nevertheless, we remember the words of the Lord  ‘For where two or three gather in My Name, there am I among them.’ Mathew 18:20

We considered the reading for the Seventh Sunday in Easter Year C.

John 17:20-26  May they be completely one.

You can find our comments and thoughts here.

Some people may find strange that this is not the Gospel of the Ascension of the Lord. The reason is that Catholics in England and Wales, at least, celebrated the Ascension of the Lord last Thursday, as was traditionally celebrated, though for some years it was moved to the nearest Sunday. As far as I know, the Church of England does the same thing.

If somebody wants to try the Gospel of the Ascension of the Lord, it is:

Luke 24:46-53 As he blessed them he was carried up to heaven.


In our prayers we remembered very especially those sick, and those who died recently, and we prayed for Peace in the world.

Prayer for Uvalde  (by ISN, Ignatian Solidarity Network)

Recognizing that the children and teachers are with God, in solidarity with the suffering people of Uvalde, Texas, please pray:

  • For the parents and families in their grief.
  • For care and healing for surviving classmates, teachers, and administrators.
  • For those prone to violence, that they be stopped before they act, seek help when needed, and experience a lasting change of heart and mind that exists in love and peace.
  • For local and national leaders to act in common-sense ways that limit gun access to those who might harm innocent life.
  • For the entire country, USA, that they work together to develop real solutions that build peaceful and healthy individuals, families, and communities, so schools, places of worship, and all other public gathering spaces are safely inhabited.

Let us pray:
Heavenly Father, we are your humble servants.
We come before you today in need of hope.
We pray for serenity and joy that overcome trouble and tragedy.
We pray for love and kindness that overcome hatred and hostility.
We pray for peace and safety for all our children, everywhere.
While today seems very dark and full of anguish,
We pray to be filled with your light and your peace
And to share that light and peace with others.
Help us live in hope that you will restore us.
In your name, we pray.