An invitation from the Xaverian community

Since the 1st of October we have had few bookings here in the Centre. This has lead us to bring forward our plan for the Centre. Next April, we Xaverians have a Regional Chapter that plans the next years ahead, as well as review the previous years.

Before the Chapter we will need to have made decisions about personnel and structures. Among many factors that have impacted and influenced us has been the Covid lockdowns, collapse in income and changes in the way people are gathering and meeting. With this in mind, we Xaverians, are exploring different avenues of being present. With regards to a new presence, we have been looking beyond the boundaries of Preston.

Over the next months we will still be having some gatherings the first of which is a Mission Mass on Saturday October 30th, at 4pm followed by some food and chat! Please join us in this first gathering in over 18 months and let us know if you are planning on coming along!

Thank you for the support and prayers you have offered! And please remember us in this time of discernment.