News from Fr. Paddy

It has been almost 11 weeks since our lives changed: lockdown came into place, queuing at the supermarket became common place, hugs were banned, and the Churches closed their doors. In that time we have tried to cope in different ways: watching mass being live streamed, finding new ways to pass time and, at least for me, exploring those spaces that are often forgotten (cupboards, sheds and the garden).

Here, on Sharoe Green Lane I have been engaged in a battle: a battle with ivy. It has grown up walls and reached the roof! There was a need for action. As you can see from the photos, some actions have taken place! The composting bins are constantly full, the walls are clear and some of the damage has been repaired! I have enjoyed my gardening time and getting the grass cut, hedges trimmed and tidying the car park has passed many an hour.

But that is not all I have been doing. Bideri and I are celebrating mass on a Thursday evening, remembering all those who normally join us. Praying for your intentions and health. On a Sunday we shared the Easter Joy that challenged the apostles to go and proclaim the Good News. And in this post Easter time we are reminded that the Trinity about love and communication.

Keeping in touch even in challenging times.

We hope and pray that your lockdown has been an opportunity to reflect and pray. Reflect and pray for our families, our friends and those who feel alone or lost. And if you are feeling alone or lost give us a call for a catch-up, a text for company or a pray for support!

Fr Paddy