Covid-19 and your Smartphone

We all know how important intelligence is to winning a war. Think Bletchley Park and you get the idea.

Covid-19 is a different sort of threat but information will be vital to help us as we go forward.

We have all heard of the NHS app which all smartphone users will soon be encouraged to use. Less well known is an app prepared by an academic group from King’s College and a company called Zoe.

The app asks you to report how you feel each day. You can also report on behalf of others. There are currently 3.7 million people from the UK reporting how they feel each day. These reports are quick and easy to make and yet provide valuable insights into the prevalence of the disease and how it affects us.

Today, the research team has appealed for more users. As we start to emerge from lockdown we need a better insight to the way the disease operates within our communities.

If you have a smartphone then please help by loading the app and reporting daily. Encourage your family and friends to do the same.

You can find the app here for iPhone users and here for Android users.

You can read more about the project below.

Logging your health daily is more important than ever

With lockdown measures easing, there are plenty of new opportunities for ‘R’ to increase. As the weather improves and children and teachers head back to school, more people will come into contact with one another. The risk of new COVID hotspots emerging is also likely to increase without adequate monitoring.

Our app is a crucial early detection tool to understand if there is a risk of a second wave of the virus. It’s is more important than ever that you keep logging daily using our app to help us to detect new COVID hotspots earlier. Protect your community as lockdown lifts by reporting for yourself and behalf of your children to stop the spread of new infections quicker.

We would also like to encourage you to share the app with schools, parent’s associations, and other organisations within your community. The more of us there are using the app daily, the more accurately and quickly we will be able to identify potential hotspots.

How might I keep my kids safe as they return to school?

As children return to school, we know that parents may be wondering how they can protect their children from COVID. We’ve made sure to cover this topic in one of our latest blog posts. Read our six tips for keeping your children safe as they go back to school.

We encourage all parents to take just 1 minute each day to keep using our app to log on behalf of their children. This data will help us better understand how the virus might affect kids and identify potential COVID hotspots as schools reopen.

New incidence data: are the numbers falling?

Last week we published insights into the number of daily new COVID cases are occurring in England. We have now added daily case estimates for Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, which you can find on our website.

Stay well,

Professor Tim Spector
On behalf of ZOE