Dementia Singing Group starts 4th June 2019

Come to our new singing group if you or your partner suffer from Dementia.

As well as being good fun singing is recognised as being hugely beneficial for well-being as it can impact positively on our physical, emotional and social health.

Music and Singing offer a unique and important way for people with Dementia to communicate with others and to continue to feel connected and valued. The carer, wife husband or partner attending the group will feel extra support from the other group members who are in the same situation as them.

Sessions start each Tuesday at 10.00am for a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuits before singing. We aim to finish by noon.

There is ample parking at the centre, wheelchair access and disabled toilets.

If you want more information then you can either call Alan directly on 01772 717122 or why not send him an email by using the form here.

If you know anybody who would like to join us let us know.