Capacitar Session

Anne Harrison held another of her excellent Capacitar sessions on Friday 7th December.  These events really do seem to help people in all sorts of ways.

Anne gave attendees the opportunity to write a few words or a phrase of feedback.

“Energising, Safe, Healing, Challenging.”
“Healing.  Proof that this can come from within.”
“Holding Enfolding Caring.”
“Getting in touch with feelings.”
“Grace unfolded.”
“What a beautiful morning again.  Privilege, Affirmation, Blessing.”
“Perfect healing morning.”
“I will walk on clouds for the rest of the day.”
“A beautiful well balanced morning.”
“I’m leaving deeply nourished, at peace and healed.”

Taken together along with the many expressions of thanks, these words give a sense of these excellent sessions.  If you think you might benefit then why not come along on the 18th January 2019. 

It would help us to manage numbers if you could make a booking by completing the form at the bottom of the event page in the calendar.  You can do that by clicking here.