Reflection on the Feast of Christ the King 25th November

Christ, the King of the Universe

The official name of today’s feast is Christ the King of the Universe, an attempt to reach a universal understanding of what’s going on. The Franciscan understanding is that the first idea ( the Alpha) of history is that God wanted to materialise; God who is spirit, who is shapeless, who is formless, wanted to take form. That’s Plan A. Most Christian understanding of history is based on a ‘Plan B’, that everything started with a big mistake – which is a terrible way to start history. ‘Plan B’ sees Jesus as a ‘mop-up exercise’ correcting Adam and Eve’s supposed fault. Plan A is that this material universe reveals the invisible God. That’s what it means for the Christ to be the King of the Universe. Jesus himself rejects the title of king. “That’s not what I’m about. I just came to reveal the Big Truth, not to be a king in your worldly sense.” Rather than ‘king’ maybe we should use the words ‘the first revelation of what’s going on’, ‘the inner DNA of everything’.

The Christ is not the same as Jesus. Jesus has existed for only 2000 years. The Christ, the king of the universe, has existed, according to our understanding of the universe, for 14.6 billion years! We call it ‘the Big Bang’. That’s when God decided to show God’s self. That’s the Incarnation. That’s the Alpha point. The Alpha and the Omega are the same thing. What God revealed as Plan A -that God is in the universe, in creation, in every creature, in everything that exists – is a revelation of the mystery of God. I hope you recognise that that means you are inside of something very sacred, very beautiful and inherently holy.

So Jesus doesn’t come to proclaim any kind of domination or control of history. He simply says, “I am naming the deepest meaning of history and the deepest meaning of humanity.” That’s why, in a moment in time, this eternal Christ mystery came as a person that you and I call Jesus. This is the deepest, the biggest and vast meaning of the feast of Christ the King of the Universe.

(Richard Rohr. Adapted)