Reflection on 26th Sunday 30th Sept

Where there is love, there is God

In today’s readings Moses and Jesus invite us to recognise that God – who is Love – is in everyone and where there is love there is God. We see in Jesus’ teaching that if we want to follow him we must have a gracious, open mind and heart, ready to affirm all that is good no matter where it comes from. We cannot limit the Spirit, we cannot limit truth to any religion or any group of people. “All of creation is sacred because it is made by God. To bless anything of creation, be this a person or an object, is to acknowledge the touch of the Creator upon that person or object. To bless is not so much to ‘make sacred’ as it is to acknowledge the sacredness that is already there.’ (J. Rupp) Today we are being invited to acknowledge and celebrate the sacredness in each one of us. How awesome is that!

There was once a great and famous sculptor who lived in Italy. One day, just as the sculptor was beginning to work on a new block of marble, he noticed a young boy standing in the doorway of his shop. The boy didn’t say anything. He just stood quietly watching the great man chisel away at the block. The boy came often to the sculptor’s workshop. He watched the chunks of marble fall away one by one – first large chunks, then finer and finer pieces – until he could see a form emerging from the marble. One day the boy arrived at the shop to find that the sculptor had finished his work. The block of marble had been transformed into a magnificent lion, poised and powerful and larger than life. For a long time the boy stood in amazement, just looking at the lion. Finally, he turned to the sculptor, his face full of wonder, and asked: “How did you know there was a lion inside that marble?”

It may take many years of chiselling for us to experience God’s hidden Life within us but when we do, we will then find Him within everyone we meet and we will respect how God works through them. We will recognise and support the working of the Spirit in each other, knowing that wherever there is love there is God.

Various sources

Our thanks, as always, to Cathy York for gathering and putting this together.