Week of Guided Prayer: 9th to 14th Sept

Retreat in Daily Life
Perfect for busy people

  • Take some time out
  • Deepen your relationship with God
  • Explore new ways of praying
  • Find help with any kind of decision

What is a retreat in daily life?
It is a daily time of prayer (aiming at 30 minutes) and daily half-hour individual meeting with an experienced prayer guide during the week.

Who is it for?
Anyone who is already Christian and who wants to deepen their prayer life, or someone who is not sure what they believe but is willing to take a risk and seriously explore the reality of God.  Either way, it is for any generous soul willing to commit to the elements of the week.

What is the programme?
The core elements of the week are prayer for half-an-hour each day, reviewing how that prayer time went, and meetings with your prayer guide four or five times.  There are other components of the week.  Introductory and closing meetings top and tail the week with helpful suggestions.

Why do the retreat?
When we are generous, God is more so.  We encounter a God who loves and calls us.  It can also be a great help in making or confirming decisions, big or small.

How much does it cost?
To help towards our costs retreatants are asked to  contribute £50. This will cover all the expenses of the week including use of Tabor’s retreat facilities.

How will the retreat fit in with the rest of life?
You will be busier in the week of the retreat because of these extra demands, hence the need to be generous.  The retreat runs alongside your normal week, however, so you won’t lose any usual responsibilities.  Sorry!

How do I sign up?
As soon as you know you want to participate, either send in your completed paper form or complete the form below and then as soon as possible send us your fee to secure your place.  It helps the organisers know how many are taking part as soon as possible. Places are limited.

But I don’t know how to pray?
Join the club!  This is not a problem.  In fact, such honesty is a good start.

Who organises the week?
Trained prayer guides led by Rose McCrave and Angela Rogerson.

There will be an opening meeting on Sunday 9th Sept  4:00 pm – 5:00 pm and a closing meeting on Friday 14th Sept 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Booking Form

You can book via the website or if you prefer to complete the form on paper the flier for the event includes the booking form.  You can pick up the flier from Tabor or download it by clicking here and printing it at home.

Please ensure that both form and fee reach Rose McCrave or Tabor Reception by Friday 10th August 2018  Please make cheques payable to “Xaverian Missionaries”.