Touching The Hem of His Garment

Last Saturday I had the privilege of facilitating 14 lovely ladies who gathered at Tabor to spend a day retreat with one another and ‘The Woman with the Haemorrhage’, according to the Gospel of St. Mark (C5:V25-34). The day began with a warm welcome and greeting from Pat on reception and Fr. Jim, who introduced the new vision of the Xaverians and the centre, which was warmly appreciated.

We were a mixed group in age and to my surprise half of the group, were visiting Tabor for the very first time.  They included visitors from the Wirral, Liverpool, Southport, St. Annes and Blackburn. It is wonderful that Tabor is providing such a needed oasis for ‘pilgrims’.

During the day we had time exploring the Gospel together, ‘breaking open the word’ in different ways, through imaginative contemplation, in silence and sharing with one another in small groups and then together as a larger group. There was excellent listening, much soulful conversation, and a generous amount of humour as we shared how the woman’s story touched upon or connected with our own stories.

Some comments to give a flavour of the sense of the day were:

  • “It was a fab day, been floating ever since”
  • “I really enjoyed the day and got a lot out of it”
  • “Lovely balance of input, reflection, sharing and silence”
  • “It was a lovely calm day upon which I shall reflect all week”
  • “A lovely group with such diversity”

At the end of the day Fr Bideri was there to wave the group goodbye and ensure they come back soon! Thank you to everybody who made the day possible, as the gardens and the house were so inviting and also conducive to sharing a day of prayer, reflection and ‘retreat’ in its fullest sense!
Greg and I look forward to hearing from anybody that may like to attend our
‘Spirituality for Summer’ Saturday retreat on 21st July, open to all.

Please also look at the website for details of the Week of Guided Prayer starting Sunday 9th September and if you are interested, please register, as places are limited.

Rose McCrave