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This is the website of the Xaverian Mission Spirituality Centre in Preston.  If you were looking to find out about the Xaverian presence in the UK then you can find the Provincial website for the Xaverians here.

The Xaverian dream is that of making the world a single family.

Inspired by St. Guido Conforti and St. Francis Xavier, we, Xaverian Missionaries, serve to keep the local Church aware of, engaged with and connected to the missionary mandate of the universal Church, principally by witnessing Jesus to those who have yet to know Him.

Covid-19 Essential Reading

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Check it daily if you can.  The advice is changing rapidly.

Our Government is facing a massive challenge.  There will be all kinds of issues and details that they cannot possibly cover.  They can only paint with a broad brush and trust us individually to do the right things for the benefit of our country, our local community and our family.

The Xaverian dream is that of making the world a single family.

Recent News

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  • Lectio Divina: News 10/7/2020 : - Our Lectio group is once again in top form despite the inconveniences of our present times.
  • Covid update 10/7/2020 : - The government has updated its guidelines for the use of multi-purpose spaces.
  • Lectio Divina: News 3/7/2020 : - Our Lectio Group Zoomed together in the on the web and carefully considered the Gospel for Sunday. Read their thoughts here.
  • Lancaster Diocesan Faith & Justice Commission: News 3/7/2020 : - The Faith and Justice Commission have published their monthly news letter. You can read it here.
  • Lectio Divina: News 26/6/2020 : - Read how our Lectio Group saw the readings for SS Peter and Paul

Recent Reflections on the Gospel

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  • Reflection on 15th Sunday: 12th July 2020 - The parable of the sower and the seed is very familiar to us as are the various interpretations of the nature of the soil which symbolise the state of our heart but what is good soil?
  • Reflection on 14th Sunday: 5th July 2020 - Maybe our idea of rest isn't really rest.
  • Reflection on Peter and Paul: 28th June 2020 - “Who do you say I am?” We are always living with this question, moving from simply knowing about Jesus to knowing him. It’s not that Jesus changes. We do. And in doing so, we not only discover Jesus anew, we discover ourselves anew. Then, with Peter, our response will be, “You are the Christ.”