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This is the website of the Xaverian Mission Spirituality Centre in Preston.  If you were looking to find out about the Xaverian presence in the UK then you can find the Provincial website for the Xaverians here.

The Xaverian dream is that of making the world a single family.

Inspired by St. Guido Conforti and St. Francis Xavier, we, Xaverian Missionaries, serve to keep the local Church aware of, engaged with and connected to the missionary mandate of the universal Church, principally by witnessing Jesus to those who have yet to know Him.

Covid-19 Essential Reading

Although the government is relaxing the Covid related restrictions some still remain.  This tells you what you may and may not do for the sake of the community and yourself.

The Centre is slowly opening up and groups are making a cautious return.  For the good of our community there are things we can all do.

  1. Comply with the current Covid-19 guidance from the NHS.
  2. Get vaccinated including your booster.
  3. Use the NHS Covid-19 app
  4. Report daily using the Covid Symptom Study app

The progress of the vaccination and the booster programme is great but there is still a significant portion of the population who have decided not to take the vaccine.  That is a personal choice but also one that we should be prepared to talk about.  Vaccinations demonstrably save many lives.  As individuals we have responsibilities to each other.

The Xaverian dream is that of making the world a single family.

Recent News

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  • Lectio Divina: News 21/1/2022 : - In this item we have the latest thoughts from the group, a little about the ecumenical nature of the group and a reminder that the next Lectio Live is on the 28th Jan.
  • Lectio Divina: News 14/1/2022 : - Read the latest thoughts from the Group. The group expect to continue to meet in person on the last Friday of the month. The next 'Lectio Live' meeting will be at the Centre on 28th January 2022 at 10:30.
  • Mindfulness at the Xaverian Centre 8/1/2022 : - Yes, Mindfulness is back!  You are most welcome to join our Mindfulness Practice Group on the mornings of the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.
  • Lectio Divina: News 7/1/2022 : - Find out what inspired our Lectio Group in the reading for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.
  • Happy New Year 31/12/2021 : - Happy New Year.

Recent Reflections on the Gospel

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